Now I feel stupid AND hurt

I dislike Facebook as a corporation, but I really like a lot of the people I am friends with on it. I mean genuinely like, as in I think we are “friends”. Part of this is because the people are wonderful and funny and seem compassionate and interesting. The other part is when people comment “love you; love your blog” I think they like me. Not “give me a kidney” kind of like, but “like” as in I have added some value to their lives and therefore I my presence in their life is at least a LITTLE valuable to them.That is apparently a very Asperger’s thing to think....more
I'm not an Aspie (I don't think). But I would likely have reacted exactly like you did. I also ...more

Do You Work In An Office Full Of Backstabbers?

There are few personality types I find more fascinating in the workplace than the backstabber. Their ability to smile and act as if they have your best interests in mind while all the time they are either undermining your authority,subtly placing doubt about your competence,or out-and-out lying about situations,is truly breathtaking.How do they do it? ...more
They're called "frenemies," meaning, people that pose as friends but are really enemies (this ...more