My Spring Dilemma: Chocolate Bunny vs. Matzo

Many of us have heard of the December Dilemma: the conflict that arise when interfaith families chose how to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. But few talk about what I’m calling the Spring Dilemma: Passover and Easter. I hesitate even mentioning them in the same sentence because they are really unrelated. But since they both fall in spring, they tend to get lumped together as the spring holidays. Not to mention the fact that the egg plays a role on the Passover seder plate, and well, we know what it means for Easter. ...more
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Parenting Through Passover and Finding the Yes

This week is Passover. It started with the first seder last Friday evening and ends this Saturday after sundown. In the meantime, we, as Jews, are prohibited from eating any kind of leavened bread, along with other restrictions, which is both more complicated and simpler than it sounds. It does mean a huge disruption to our routine, a change in the way we handle and plan meals, and me saying "no" to many requests for various snacks and favorite dinners. ...more

Passover Books and Music for Kids

I think because of the movie The Ten Commandments people sort of more or less know a little more what Passover is all about than they do about Chanukkah. ...more

Parenting's Ten Plagues

ast night we celebrated Passover. On the holiday that marks the freedom of my ancestors from Pyramid building I was being held hostage by 19 Month Old and his new negotiation technique, crib jumping. A while ago I had mentioned my kids’ chronic suffering from a condition called The Daycares. Yesterday it was 19 Month Old’s turn to show symptoms, so he stayed at home while the Passover meal was being prepared and thoughts of the ten plagues were plaguing....more

How My Family Celebrates Passover

It's that time of the year again: when we boil eggs, cook for days, and gather with family and friends to celebrate a very important  holiday. And no, I don't mean Easter--I mean Passover. ...more
Passover is my favorite holiday. i love all the prep work and all the food (even though I can no ...more

Grain-Free "Spaghetti And Meatballs With Asparagus

Grain-Free “Spaghetti” And Meatballs With AsparagusLeave a reply...more
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Even Better the Second Night: The Passover Ha-Haggadah

For more than a decade, I’ve been hosting Passover seders with a twist: We laugh. Not that oppression and bondage and brick-shaping are particularly funny. But after years of arid ceremonies and pasty matzoh balls and the same old same old, I struck out with my own Passover haggadah, which I called the Ha-Haggadah. Besides, I’ve had mostly Reformish Jews, non-Jews, and kids around my table, and we needed some kind of “hook” to keep folks engaged....more

Passover Flourless Chocolate Cake with Macaroon Pecan Crust and Raspberry Coulis

Are you tired of having the same boring Angel Food Cake with Berries and non-dairy creamer for your Passover dessert?  Now you can make this simple but outrageously delicious Flourless Chocolate Cake in no time at all and get rave reviews.

Modern Matzoh

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