Have You Ever Traveled Outside Your Home Country?

Have you ever traveled outside your home country for business or vacation?  I just recently returned from a long-awaited dream vacation to Ireland and England.  It was paid for by a carefully budgeted tax return, and I bought my ticket months ago so I couldn't change my mind.  Most of the sites I visited while there included travelers from all over the world, including the U.S., Australia, France and Germany....more
I have never traveled outside of the U.S. due to lack of confidence and just generally being ...more

Passports Please

As of June 1, Canadians need a passport go cross over the border to the United States (and vice versa) by car. We already need one to get their by sea and air. After all the hubbub about the regulations when they were announced several years ago, and again when the regulation was introduced to air travel in 2007. In comparison the discussion about this newest requirement is barely a whisper. ...more

Canadians Prep for Passports

The past few years have seen a few changes in Canadian/American relations. One change that came into effect last year is that Canadians now have to present their passport when they fly to the US. This year sees changes in the entrance to the US via sea. And sometime in the next couple of years Canadians will have to present a passport when they drive into the United States. This date has been moved at least once and I wouldn't be surprised to see it moved again. This is new for us. We're used to being able to hop across the border for a day of shopping or visiting a B&B. Passports were only for people who went to Europe or someplace tropical and exotic. The times they are a changing. ...more

We love buzzing up to Vancouver, I have friends there, and it's a great city. We go for a long ...more