Pastina...Italian comfort food

Pastina (tiny dried pasta); 2 simple pasta-like soups, for when you're short on time, under the weather, or on the mend.

Spaghetti All'Arrabiata

I came across this delicious pasta recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Eat, Live, Run. Arrabbiata sauce, is a spicy tomato sauce used on pasta made from garlic, tomatoes, and red chili peppers cooked in olive oil. Without the use of cheese and just a little bit oil this Italian dish is very low in fat. The red pepper flakes pack a lot of punch to this dish helping to create a recipe that is full of flavor and spice....more

Bolognese Sauce Made with Sirloin…A Family Favorite in My Home

Being Italian, I have enjoyed wonderful pasta and other Italian dishes throughout my entire life.  In an Italian family, eating is truly an art form in my mind because coming to the table is not just about the pleasure of eating, but so much more!...more

Pasta with sicilian broccoli

We from love the pasta with vegetables. Cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, pepperoni….Today we present pasta with broccoli, but beware: must be the Sicilian broccoli, those dark green with the 'flower’ generous and many leaves. Orecchiette are perfect, accompanied by the taste of capers, anchovy, chilli. A dusting of pecorino cheese and voila…...more

Lasagna alla Bolognese

You know that question "if you could have anything in the world as your one last meal, what would it be?"  Well, I'll tell you... this. Lasagna alla Bolognese. Think of everything you know about lasagna... toss it out the window and start over. Ready? Spinach pasta sheets, layered with ragu alla bolognese which is then smothered in besciamella sauce and repeat. The first bite has thatoh my, I'm melting to the floor in a puddle of love and food ecstasy  kind of affect on most. It's just so refined, rich and heart warming. You don't have that acidity from regular tomato sauce or the salty cheesy flavor from the ricotta/mozzarella/parmesan mix. Instead you have a subtle cream sauce with a hint of nutmeg that evokes this sweetness and draws out the flavor of the spinach. Then the bolognese adds a rich, hearty taste. And then you're just falling down the rabbit hole into the foodie abyss.  ...more