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Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Pasta

I was looking for a yummy casserole type of dish for dinner one night and came across a recipe for buffalo chicken pasta that sounded absolutely amazing. It’s super easy, super fast and most of the items you probably already have in your pantry or fridge! It’s a perfect meal for the family or even for game-day as a side dish! And I'm so excited for how it turned out – spicy, yummy, gooey goodness. I included step-by-step instructions of how i modified it for our dinner below. enjoy!...more

How to make chicken and shrimp Alfredo?

This is probably one of the easiest and simple recipe for any busy weekday dinner. Chicken and shrimps cooked in authentic Italian sauce called Alfredo. I generally use chicken leftovers to make this recipe real quick and easy and this recipe is one of my favorite recipe and my kids eat it without making any fuss out of it....more

Cooking Baby Broccoli Pasta

Here's what I made. ...more

A Cooking VLOG: White Truffle Cream, Mushroom & Lobster Linguini

White truffles are utterly heavenly, and I’ve only recently discovered them. I feel like I have a new mission in life: to spread the news about the deliciousness of “white truffles!”...more Yes, sweet bird, this IS an easy-enough dish to do. Just remember that ...more

Angel Hair Pasta with Asparagus, and Bruschetta

The last of the summer tomatoes, and a quick and easy pasta recipe at the OvoLactoPesco food blog: click here....more

Quick Recipe: Tomato and lemon fettuccine

Tomato and lemon fettuccineAfter a brief stint as a pastry chef in a popular French restaurant, I fell in love with cream sauce. This easy creamy fettuccine recipe uses very few ingredients and takes almost no time to prepare--20 minutes. Over the years I have modified the recipe to make several versions. My kids love the fettuccine with tomatoes and lemon.1 - 2 cups cherry tomatoes3/4 lb fresh fettucine (spinach or egg fettuccine)2 lemons 1 cup heavy cream1/4 tsp saltblack pepper...more

Summer eats on the go.

Summer is the perfect time for picnics and family get togethers. But what do you bring to eat when it's insanely hot outside. Marichelle of lifeflix blog has the answer. She came up with her own delicious summer pasta recipe perfect for a hot summer night. Made with seasonal roasted zucchini, grape tomatoes, shallots, garlic, pasta, shrimp, some seasoning, and a little white wine, you'll want to have this dish again and again....more

Spaghetti with Creme Fraiche and Smoked Salmon

This pasta dish is made with the leftover creme fraiche mixture and smoked salmon that I used for my shallot toasts appetizers. I eat my share cold and my daughter preferred hers hot from the microwave~both results were amazingly delicious! ...more