Spicy Shrimp Spaghetti {Allergen friendly}

http://eggallergycooking.blogspot.com/2012/03/spicy-shrimp-spaghetti-all...Spicy Shrimp Spaghetti  This recipe was adapted from Rachel Ray’s Spicy Shrimp and Spaghetti Aglio Olio(Garlic and Oil). ...more

Red Pepper Shrimp and Pasta

When I was first getting in to cooking, I bought a cookbook call Menus in Minutes. For the longest time, it was my favorite cookbook. In fact, I still cook a few of my favorites out of it. I loved the Mediterranean Mostaccioli with ground lamb, raisins, zucchini and feta. The Key Lime Orange Chicken is definitely always a hit. ...more

Sunday Pasta ™: Orecchiette con Rapini e Alice (Broccoli Rabe and Anchovies)

Hey, you got anchovies in my broccoli rabe. No, you got broccoli rabe in my anchovies. Want two great tastes that taste great together? Forget peanut butter and chocolate, and sweet and creamy for that matter, and go for bitter and salty. Not to get all grouchy on you, but sometimes bitter is better. Combine some broccoli rabe and anchovies, add some garlic and olive oil, and a sprinkle of grated pecorino and toss with pasta. And voila....more

Gluten-free Italy: Awesome or an Oxymoron?

I often overhear Americans on vacation in Rome, the land of pasta, pane, pizza and wine state that they can't eat this or that during their Roman holiday....more

Sunday Pasta ™:Timpano Pantheon (Timballo)

Perhaps the most noble profession of all is that of the architect, whose calling is to leave the world a gift of lasting beauty, a piece of the heart and mind....more

Sunday Pasta™: Lasagna di Maiale (Pork Loin)

Darwin would be proud of lasagna.  Talk about the power of evolution and global contribution. We can start 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome, with lagana, arguably the world’s first sheet of fresh pasta....more

Toasted Walnut Spinach Pesto Pasta from Family Fresh Cooking

Pasta with freshly-made pesto is a quick and easy meal, and lots of pasta fans love making basil pesto in the summer when fresh basil is abundant in gardens or farmers markets. However, if you use something other than basil as the base of the fresh pesto, you can enjoy pasta with fresh pesto all year round. I love the sound of this Toasted Walnut Spinach Pesto Pasta from Family Fresh Cooking, a perfect meatless dish for Meatless Monday....more
Definitely sounded good to me!more

Vodka Penne Pasta

This easy dinner is a favorite meatless meal. Creamy pasta with just a little kick!See the Recipe...more

Red Wine Pasta with Spicy Rapini

Please bear with me as I continue on with my latest addiction: pasta. I have been reading up on pasta variations, regional differences and other techniques and tips, which is why I just can’t seem to resist testing out different combinations and sharing my favorites.For this particular dish, pasta finishes its cooking in reduced red wine. The texture and flavor of wine alters the pasta and transforms it into a delicious and surprising dish....more

Penne with Balsamic Sweet Potatoes, Arugula, & Parmesan from Kalyn's Kitchen

I just have two things to say about this great meatless pasta dish that I came up with one day when I had some leftover arugula but didn't feel like a salad. Baby arugula and sweet potatoes. If you like those two ingredients, you're going to love this recipe, (and if you don't like them, there's probably no way I could talk you into trying it). If you replace the Parmesan with a vegan cheese, the recipe could be vegan, and there's so much good flavor here, I think it would even be good without the cheese....more
I think the lemon lentil soup sounds amazing!more