Red Wine Pasta with Spicy Rapini

Please bear with me as I continue on with my latest addiction: pasta. I have been reading up on pasta variations, regional differences and other techniques and tips, which is why I just can’t seem to resist testing out different combinations and sharing my favorites.For this particular dish, pasta finishes its cooking in reduced red wine. The texture and flavor of wine alters the pasta and transforms it into a delicious and surprising dish....more

Penne with Balsamic Sweet Potatoes, Arugula, & Parmesan from Kalyn's Kitchen

I just have two things to say about this great meatless pasta dish that I came up with one day when I had some leftover arugula but didn't feel like a salad. Baby arugula and sweet potatoes. If you like those two ingredients, you're going to love this recipe, (and if you don't like them, there's probably no way I could talk you into trying it). If you replace the Parmesan with a vegan cheese, the recipe could be vegan, and there's so much good flavor here, I think it would even be good without the cheese....more
I think the lemon lentil soup sounds amazing!more

Sunday Pasta™:Fettuccine San Clemente (Eggplant)

Don’t get too excited, this recipe has absolutely nothing to do with either Richard Nixon’s home in California or Saint Clement himself (died AD 99), who was a martyr and the 4th Pope. No, today,we celebrate the birth of Clemente Fernandez, born to Edouard and Luciana, in London on February 4, 2012....more

Pasta and Chardonnay

  More. Pasta. It must be the cool of winter that has me craving cheese, meat, and wheaty noodles. This recipe is a little on the lighter side of things and it's from Dave's repertoire: linguini with clams. Easy, fast and good....more

Ham, Mushroom and Asparagus Fettuccine at The Gourmet Mom:

Ham, Mushroom and Asparagus Fettuccine at The Gourmet Mom: ...more

Sunday Pasta™:Pasta e Fagioli

On this Valentine’s Day, I reflect back to when I first met Patricia, the ideal modern woman, desirable on so many levels: strong, artistic, beautiful, and smart. I placed her high up on a pedestal....more

Sunday Pasta™: Cavatelli al Ragu di Salciccia (Sausage)

This here recipe is a lesson in diction, brought to you by the Cavatelli family, a century after their immigration to America....more

Sunday Pasta™:Risotto al Barolo

Thanks Victoriamore

Sunday Pasta™: Fusilli con Funghi, Pancetta e Pinoli (Mushrooms and Pine Nuts)

I have no idea where this recipe comes from. I know that my mamma has been making it deliciously for decades, but from there its origins are obscure. Maybe it hails from a quaint village in northern Italy. Or just maybe it hails from a quaint village in northern New Jersey. Hmm… Either way, to me it is a quintessentially fall or winter dish. Pinoli (pine nuts), pancetta, and fresh mushrooms combine to serve up the colors, tastes, and smells of a cool crisp day....more
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