#Rigatoni with Broccoli, vegetarian pasta at its best.

 #Rigatoni with Broccoli, vegetarian pasta at its best.We do love our veggies and we love our pasta dishes even more, if you combine them together it's definitely a recipe for success!...more

Crispy Cumin Chickpea Orecchiette

You know how you get a craving and it just won't go away? Yea, that has been me for the past week. I've had my mind on pasta and pasta on my mind. So I made a dish that would quiet that craving while still sticking (mostly) to the food guidelines I'm trying to follow the next few weeks....more

Classic Italian Sauces

There is one thing you will never find in my pantry. A jar of tomato sauce. Why? Not because I have anything against them and I am sure some taste better than others. It is because I grew up with a line of great Italian cooks and I was taught, "make your own sauce." The weekend is about making sauce, freezing some and keeping out what I might use during the week. This way, there is always tomato sauce available when needed. Here are three classic Italian tomato sauces I make....more

Spicy Beluga Pasta Sauce with Mushrooms and Wine


Chicken fajita pasta bake

http://drizzlemeskinny.com/chicken-fajita-pasta-bake/An easy and delicious low point meal that the whole family will love. This pasta bake is full of flavor yet nice and low on points. This dish, I promise you is so easy to whip up and includes everything you want to stuff into your favorite fajita! Best part… it’s only 6 points per serving...more

#Pasta, do I need to say more?

Tonight is all about a staple ingredient in every kitchen: Pasta....more

Sweet, Spicy Cherry Tomato Pasta

Recipe for Sweet and Spicy Cherry Tomato Spaghetti....more

A New Way to Cook Pasta

Happy Monday!  I’ve got a fun recipe for you today. It’s a classic Penne Pasta with spicy Italian sausage in a rich marinara sauce, but, the twist is, you’re only going to cook the pasta in a little bit of water and you’re not going to have to strain the pasta at all. The penne will also be perfectly al dente (a fancy Italian word meaning to the tooth a.k.a. not at all mushy)....more