Brian DePalma To Direct Joe Paterno Biopic: No Silver Linings In This Playbook

Happy Valley is the title of Brian De Palma’s upcoming biopic about Joe Paterno. With extensive evidence to prove Paterno's role in covering up Jerry Sandusky’s pedophilia, doesn't a film about his life profit on the suffering of those whose truth he denied? With so many lies for the sake of his football legacy, there are no silver linings to be found in Paterno’s playbook....more
@alexash It could though. They may feel like their experience is validated somewhat. That ...more

Penn State and Paterno, After the Freeh Report

Penn Staters everywhere are reeling.  The Freeh report on the Sandusky scandal is out and the world is demonizing Penn State, Paterno, our Nittany Lion football team, and pointing the finger of blame at all of us who bleed blue and white.As a Penn Stater myself, I can only speak for myself, but I hope that my thoughts and feelings expressed here will resonate with others, as I know we consider ourselves a community....more
Well said, Elisa. I agree with you about the healing benefits of seeing justice served. I could ...more

Penn State Riots and Hope

When I heard that students at Penn State were rioting in response to Coach Joe Paterno being fired, I literally felt sick. A police statement estimated the crowd totaled as many as 4,000 to 5,000 people. This crowd toppled light posts, street signs and even turned over a news van.Paterno had knowledge that children were being abused and did nothing about it. As a result of Paterno's inaction, there are more victims of Jerry Sandusky out there. How could all of these people possibly support this man?...more