Writer's Waiting Lounge

They say to write. Just write. But what if your fingers don’t know what to type? What if your mind seems empty except for your to-do list? How interesting would that be for anyone to read?I should make a plan. I am so envious of people who can squirrel away and put fingers to keyboard or scribble notes in a book while sitting on a bus. ...more

What I Learned From “Messy Tim”

There were about a dozen of us volunteers working on a community project that involved, of all things, a skit. Not a big deal, but one that still required some props and costumes for which we had no budget, of course. This didn’t faze us much since it’s pretty easy to pull together minimal props....more

Teaching Kids How to be Patient

Kids are not the most understanding of beings. They don't have the capacity in most cases. One virtue that will do them well in life is patience, and here is how parents can learn to instill it into their little bundles of joy....more

Patience is Not a Gift

Repeatedly throughout our journey I prayed for patience, wanting God to wave a magic wand and grant this gift to me. Predictably, those days that I longed most for a swift response to that prayer would be far worse than the situation leading up to the plea! For years (Yes, I am a bit of a slow learner sometimes!) I was dumbfounded by His answer until I made a little realization...http://frommyplantohis.com/2014/11/20/patience-is-not-a-gift/...more

Day 16 NaBloPoMo; Tech Frustrations

Sandi from sappy as a tree took Photography 101 and after a few sessions said that she should look at each assignment individually as a new experience.  I told her that was a great idea and at least for me, it would be a new exercise in patience.  Normally, I would go into a project, thinking if I learned something from the first time or session, that I would expect less trouble and possibly less effort in the second, just because I had gained new knowledge....more

Dance wherever you are in Line

Life’s a dance. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. Don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know. Life’s a dance you learn as you go....more

Let the Photo come to You

Let the photo come to you. This is the message that I have consistently heard from my photography instructors. I better understood what this means while on a recent trip sitting in Union Square in San Francisco. If we had not sat in the Square for one hour, we would only have had an incomplete story of what we witnessed. ...more
Susanf Happy to know my words reached you Susanf! We are always in such a hurry these days, that ...more

Patience. If You Don't Have It, Don't Have Kids!

Sometimes you want to scream and pull out all of your hair–your heart racing, while the blood boils down to your soul. That's when you have to stop... Take ten deep breaths and remember who your are.Click logo to read full article on HubPages!...more

Well, Maybe I Am NOT A Good Patient

Well, Maybe I Am NOT A Good Patient I so thought I would feel better this morning.I was so wrong.The alarm went off at 6am (I forgot to turn off the alarm after we got the call that school was cancelled for today) and I felt like my head was about to explode. I felt completely terrible!...more

The Lost Virtues: Patience

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more