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Patient Advocates - The Flour In The Cake

As my Mom continues to suffer the side effects of a fluoroquinolone drug,  I am more convinced than ever of the importance of patient advocates, especially for the elderly.  Mom has Lymphoma, the bad kind,  but her symptoms today - confusion, anxiety, and disorientation are not related to her underlying disease or her age.  I know the symptoms all to well, the nasty side effects of fluoroquinolones, as I too was “floxed“....more

In the Hospital, I Became "That Mom"

He hit her in the face.He hit her in the face again.Doesn't he know that's my baby?How hard would it be to work slower, tug gentler, move that cord so that it stops hitting her repeatedly in the face? How hard would it be to cradle her head gently in his hands, rather than turning it to the side by pulling on the tube in her mouth?Can't he see it's upsetting her?Can't he see it's upsetting me?...more
I am in awe for the story and what you endured. I think the comments do the best justice for ...more

Healing the Person vs. Killing the Disease

At no other point in history has medical science included the tools, technology and pharmaceutical medicines that today not only prolong our lives but allow us to survive in the face of life-threatening disease.  Our doctors and nurses study long and hard to master the tools of modern medical science so that they can direct our medical treatments with the deeply valuable goal of preserving our lives.  Such mastery often requires deep specialization, making Western medical specialists leading experts in ...more


Get access to America's top doctors without making an appointment. Just submit your health questions to women's health advocate and's founder Michelle King Robson and your question could get answered. MY SEXUAL LIBIDO IS HURTING MY MARRIAGE Hi Michelle: ...more