I’ll do whatever it takes.If you bow forward when I meet you, I too will bend at the waist and drop my eyes. A firm handshake, I’ll give one right back. You want to talk about your family, drop your clothes before I can get back behind the curtain, tell me how much you hate doctors and hospitals — I’ll listen, try not to act surprised by the strip tease, and bite my lip.If you check my nails as I stand in front of you and don gloves before starting your IV, that’s okay. I get it. Hospitals are the easiest place to get infections....more

Day 6 - Persona Non Grata

 There are a certain number of patients who come to the Emergency Department that automatically illicit an audible groan from the staff as soon as their name appears on the patient board, or when you hear an EMS radio call out to a familiar address....more

A to Z Challenge: On Jumbled Mess

**Even though I haven't cross-posted the last two entries,I am still posting daily for the A to Z challenge.See what you've missed (not much, I've been rather dull lately)here...California Dreamin' SquirrelToday's Post for the Letter J...more

Day 23 - I Weep for the Future

One of the best lines from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."See Video HereI worked triage over the last couple of days during my ED shifts.  No where can you see the failure of the health care system, and society in my opinion, so readily as on the Front Line of medicine... the Emergency Department triage room....more

10 Life-Threatening Mistakes You Might Make With Your Doctor

With our health care system as broken as it is, it’s easy for patients – myself included – to fall into the role of victim and blame others when things don’t go our way. But are you doing what you can to optimize the kind of health care you’re getting?...more

Like Moths to a Flame

Cross posted from my original blog: caldreamsquirrel.blogspot.com...more

The Fogarty Institute for Innovation Partners with Cardiologists

My recent interviews with Dr. Jim Joye, Anne Fyfe and Dr. Frederick St....more

NaBloPoMo 25

There are some patients who come into the Emergency Department and just seem to move in.  Funny, because these are usually the same patients who say they "can't stand hospitals" when you tell them they have to be admitted. ...more

NaBloPoMo 13

I often wonder what makes a person come into the emergency department with a non-emergency.  Especially when they have a problem that's been going on for more than, oh, 6 months... a year......more

NaBloPoMo Day 10

We have a patient log sheet that we keep that helps us keep track of our patients during our shift.  It's basically a simple sheet of paper with 20 sections wherein we place patient stickers....more