Does a uterus make you a liar?

Today, that’s to Tina Price-Johnson, I read something amazing by Soraya Chemaly. I liked her blog so much I joined Tumblr just to follow her. (Now, I have a blog on Tumblr. I feel very modern; like a real hep cat.)  The gist of Saroya Chemaly’s post was that our culture and many others train people (men and women both) to assume women are lying/liars: ...more

Maury Povich: DNA Does Not a Parent Make

“I need to prove he’s the dad so he’ll help me with the baby.” The girl sobbed to Maury. The guy who accompanied her to the show was positive he wasn’t, screaming sexual slurs at his former lover. Where did we get the idea that a paternity test will change our ex-sex partners, magically transforming them into loving partners and fathers? The Maury Povich show is predicated on humiliating women. Why else would they allow these “lovers” to use such vile verbal attacks? The producers and Maury have the power to stop the humiliation. They don’t....more