The Middle--Halloween III: The Driving (Live Review/Recap)

Just want to start off by apologizing for the lack of reviews for the week. The family emergency took all of my time (Tuesday we laid my Grandpa to rest) and than I found out that my grandparents dog had also passed away on Tuesday after the funeral. I am back tonight with reviews of The Middle. ...more

The Middle--Bunny Therapy (live review)

Previously On--Frankie got fired from her job at Ehlert Motor's and instead of just going into another meaningless job that she won't be happy at she decides to go back to school to start a career. She goes to orintation (which we don't get to see) but when at home and at the dining room table looking at all the paperwork she becomes overwhelmed and cries to the only person close by...Axl. Thankfully Axl gives his mom some comfort and tells her that she will do well and that the other people in the house need to start moving their weight around....more