Being American

Fireworks crackle and pop and light up the night sky with brilliant colors. Burgers, brats and beer will be savored and extended families will gather.Our hearts will swell with patriotic pride as we celebrate Independence Day.Proud to be American.Being American and having "family values" seem to be inextricably linked....more

Born On The 4th Of July is Only My 6th Favorite Independence Day Movie...

For we Americans Monday marks Independence Day, aka the day we lost our obligation to care about Royal Weddings (ahem, whatever). ...more

I like both flight of the Navigator and Independence Day. FOTN was fun, and witty (loved that ...more

4th of July Craft Ideas

What are you making for the 4th of July? Here are some projects I've made over the years. Hope they inspire you!Leave your 4th of July project link in the comment box so we can all check out your projects too!...more
My kids are doing 4th of July coloring pages ...more

Happy Election Day

Good Morning! I just got finished filling out my ballot, which spurred me to write this post, instead of running my pumpkin recycling ideas, but I can do that tomorrow... Today is election day. Although there are only two issues on our small town ballot, they are important ones; new elections for the school board, and a measure for our emergency response system. But, it doesn't really matter if there are only two, or twenty ballot measures, election day is a way to get your voice heard, and support our great country.   ...more

It's Not Dependence Day

Read what I wrote on my blog regarding freedom and free health care.     ...more

Patriotic Cupcakes

  To make these tasty and tempting cupcakes I used a box of cake mix and some decorations, and since I don’t like store bought frosting, I prepared my own.  (See the recipe at the bottom.) ...more

And that's what I love about the South.

So it's Memorial Day and I'm in Gatlinburg-- yes, on purpose. We come here every year for Family Fest and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. I love this town; there, I said it! Look, I know it's tacky and overcrowded and apparently an irony-free zone where everywhere you look there are people wearing tee-shirts with teddy bears holding hearts on them, and substantial women who have crammed their child-bearing hips into terry cloth streeeeeeetch shorts that say 'Juicy' across the the rear, and heavily tattooed men (possibly done by themselves in prison) who feel compelled to hold onto their pants (and genitalia) just to keep them (the pants, not the genitalia) (hopefully) from falling down around their oversized sneaks. I know all that. But I am from Arkansas, remember? I have a high tolerance for fried foods, rednecks and traffic so actually, this whole area is like a match made in heaven for me.   ...more

Sarah Palin vs. Hilary Clinton - Don't They Both Have Vaginas?

Okay Ladies, I am officially confused.  To start off, I must explain that I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  Truth be known, I am not pleased with either presidential candidate at the moment.  The VP nominations have not helped. ...more

I agree with several of the other ladies who left comments.  This is not about being a woman, ...more