An Expat's View On The World Cup

Somewhere in the past few weeks of the 2014 World Cup, I became a sports fan.Or actually, let's not take it that far. I became a fan of U.S. soccer.But let's go back a little bit first. It should be said that I've never been a sports fan. Like, at all. ...more

Just a Thought

The news has been full the last few weeks with tracking Edward Snowden's every move.  I do have a thought on the matter.My thought does not involve what he did or why he did it.  It also does not involve the NSA; what they did or why they did it.  It involves something else entirely.My thought on the matter concerns Mr. Snowden's assertion that he is an American patriot.  Not the fact that he made that statement; but how and where the statement was made....more

What touched my heart today

Surfing the internet - my favorite "wake-up" activity. This morning I have two grandchildren asleep upstairs. Oh happy day!!! Usually I spend my first hour playing games, surfing the net and drinking coffee. Today is a stand-out day. Not only do I have the pleasure of waking my grandchildren and starting their day in a flurry of "happy" but I came across something that started my "happy" for the day. If you don't know who Richard Blanco is, you are not alone. Until today I didn't. But now my world has changed. And he is the cause. If you have a few minutes, read his poem "America"....more

Patriotism, from one Canadian's perspective

Despite the fact that the word "patriot" is included in the third line of our national anthem, the idea of "patriotism" really isn't - at least, not in my experience - a significant part of our dialogue or identity as Canadians. Don't get me wrong... ...more

Is America Becoming Used to Decline?

We've started a joke with some of our friends, where whenever someone gets a bit dramatic about their daily struggles, whether it's a late dinner or a baby who won't sleep or traffic on the freeway, we all sigh and say, "Well, you know, in THIS economy..." It's purposefully over-the-top and we all laugh knowingly, at ourselves and at the talking heads who constantly tell us that we're incapable, that life is bad, that America is on the brink of disaster, or worse, is declining and will continue to do so, with no end in sight....more
Also overlooks fact that economy started to improve when President Obama and Democrats ...more

365 Days of Carol Anne (An Amazing Moment of Patriotism)

Day 190  Seriously. Can you believe we're 190 days in to this year? Unbelievable....more

Your Patriotic Duty

The USA is not just about the wonderfully diverse human beings that live here. It is also about the wonderfully diverse wildlife that lives here, including our national symbol, seen here in all its glorious wildness at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. ...more

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day.  I fly mine proudly both as a veteran and an American. ...more

Something My Daddy Taught Me

My daddy was a chief petty officer in the US Navy. One of my earliest memories was sitting in our living room watching the POW's return from Vietnam. I can remember watching the men walk down the steps from the plane on the runway. It was the first time I ever saw my dad cry. He watched as his close friends walked off that plane. Frail but alive. That moment in time is engraved in my heart. It was the first time I ever remember feeling anything towards my country or the military that serve us. I was 5 years old....more