365 Days of Carol Anne (An Amazing Moment of Patriotism)

Day 190  Seriously. Can you believe we're 190 days in to this year? Unbelievable....more

Your Patriotic Duty

The USA is not just about the wonderfully diverse human beings that live here. It is also about the wonderfully diverse wildlife that lives here, including our national symbol, seen here in all its glorious wildness at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. ...more

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day.  I fly mine proudly both as a veteran and an American. ...more

Something My Daddy Taught Me

My daddy was a chief petty officer in the US Navy. One of my earliest memories was sitting in our living room watching the POW's return from Vietnam. I can remember watching the men walk down the steps from the plane on the runway. It was the first time I ever saw my dad cry. He watched as his close friends walked off that plane. Frail but alive. That moment in time is engraved in my heart. It was the first time I ever remember feeling anything towards my country or the military that serve us. I was 5 years old....more

On Realizing I Was Impacted by Terrorism

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the last 12 hours of world event news. ...more

Thank you Natalie! You are the same age, roughly, as my daughter and you and she are the ...more

Took a break for a little experiment...

 For the past few weeks, actually it started way before, about 6 months ago~~ I decided to delay my cable t.v. , Dish, whatever it is that brings television programming to your home.. I held out for a few weeks, then months, finding that I was better, more efficiently informed by credible sources online, although I curtailed my time spent here as well.   ...more

Pride and Patriotism Doesn't Come in Blue or Red, Left or Right

This post of mine (under a headline I did not write and that made me cringe -- "A Leftist Mom’s Pride in Her Enlisted Son”) was recently published on a conservative blog:...more

My evolving feelings about the 4th of July

  Reading Julianne Malveaux’s thoughtful column ...more

America's beauty shines at soldier's memorial

Last month, while on loan from his family and his hometown of Owasso, Okla., Army Sgt. Andrew Looney was killed by a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan. Three years ago, Sgt. Looney lost part of his right foot in Iraq. He went through rehab, was fit for a prosthetic, and instead of opting out of the military and out of the battlefield, he picked up right where he left off....more

Thank you for sharing this with us. My heart goes out to Looney's family. I'm passing this on to ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part VIII: Dissent is easy compared to getting things done-long live Olympia Snowe

On the day after President Obama was inaugurated, BlogHer.com Contributing Editor Dana Loesch posted this blog entry titled, "So is dissent still the highest form of patriotism?"  The post invites discussion on that question, and concludes with this: ...more