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Designs, Yarns and Etsy ! Hello my dear friends , it's been a busy year again and all I can say ....time flies !!!Last Year I started spinning and this month I published my first two knitting designs on Ravelry . As you know I love knitting . It helped me through difficult times , it makes me stay calm and it takes away all worries from me ....more

Dutch Doll Quilt - Free Pattern and Instructions

Today, I'm sharing the pattern for this adorable Dutch Doll Quilt.  Any little girl (and most big girls) would love to own this keepsake quilt.  This is a great quilt pa...more

Baby neck warmer - very easy knitting pattern

Sometimes the easiest things are the most practical. Babies don't like scarfs, but thay often need somethind to warm their necks when its really cold outside. It's very simple and perfect to use up rests, as I did here.Neck-warmer...more

Because not cooking is not an option.

It was silly of me to think I could get through a holiday without any sort of ridiculous issue.  For years now, I manage to have some sort of illness that totally screws up the holiday season....more

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Double Sided Nautical Inspired Modern Pillow

Check out my post for Mixology Crafts on how to make a super cute Modern Nautical Inspired Pillow using shapes from your Cricut machine and scraps you might have in your fabric basket. One side is an anchor and the other side a sweet mermaid. Felicity...more

Recycled T-Shirt Halter Tie Back Dress - Giveaway for 3 lucky readers!

In a few days I will be releasing my newest pattern (the Recycled T-Shirt Halter/Tie-Back Dress ePattern) to my Etsy store so to celebrate I am giving away a copy of the pattern to THREE lucky blog readers! ...more

Free Knitting Pattern: Button Knot Bib

I've been thinking about .to make the basic bib more basic. The challenge then was how to sit down, finish the bib and not have to go hunting for buttons or decide what color buttons would look best, sewing that button on the bib, and, in the end, how to put a little more LIFE into my bibs. I can't be the only one who has noticed it's similarity to the humble cloth used in either the kitchen or bath. With this twist on the design, I think I may have come up with a solution: Details on my blog: where there are instructions and a free ...more