Patterns, Habits and Leadership Development

Do you work? Actually I mean do you have a job? If your answer is yes keep reading if not, well keep reading anyway. You never know when this type of information will be helpful.Think about what you do in the morning after you brush your teeth, shower and do all the morning getting ready for the day rituals. Many of us grab the car keys and off we go to the office. Others walk into a room with a computer and off we go to the office....more

Small Change for Leadership Development

Yesterday I suggested doing one thing differently in your morning ritual on your way to work, whether in a car or walking to your home office.Next is a fun small change that can make a huge amount of difference in relationships....more

How to Mix Prints and Patterns

I used to think that mixing different prints and patterns was taboo. But now I’m starting to realize that when they are done right, they can create gorgeous combinations and make you look incredibly fashionable. Still when it comes to pattern and print mixology I’m a big wus....more

I-Cord Problems

Is it just me?  I see patterns calling for i-cord and I say, "Cool!  I know how to do that."  But, being a bear of very little brain, I read the instructions anyway.  They always seem to say something like this:Cast 3 st onto dpn.  Knit all st.  *Slide st to other end of needle.  Without turning work, knit all st.  Repeat from *....more

Did you know that when you buy and download those files, you are buying a copyrighted pattern from the designer?  And there are laws about sharing those files. Kathy


Over the years I have noticed some patterns in my life. Some I like, Some I don’t. For instance….Patterns I like…...more

Review: I am a Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter

Douglas Hofstadter’s I am a Strange Loop is difficult to review. Having read his masterwork Gödel, Esher, Bach more than twenty years ago, I expected to like this new work, in which he revisits and extends many of the same ideas.   ...more

Knit Your Life Together: Knitting Patterns Online

Inspiration is one of the easiest things to find online.  We bloggers share not only pictures of our projects, but their inspiration and sometimes the patterns (if they are original). ...more

The Symbolism of a Floral Print Skirt

I was in Office Depot the other day with my younger daughter buying school supplies. Since I was responsible for staying by the cart—and not moving it—while she carried her list and a pen around with her and shopped for color-coordinated binders, pocket folders, notebooks, dividers and pens, I had the time to watch mothers (is it alright to say mothers and not parents since I did not see any men around?) and children as they hustled about in various stages of panic and frustration. ...more

Stitching Life Together: BurdaStyle

I'm a little hard-pressed to describe BurdaStyle. It's not the sewing equivalent of Ravelry where you can show the world your sewing stash, your machines, and patterns and track your many UnFinished Objects (officially known in the crafting world as UFOs). It's more than simply a pattern company's website, where they control all the information and the reader has no connection to other users. BurdaStyle is something in between. And maybe something better. ...more

I am klutzy with the machine itself, so I'm for any tips and tricks that make me feel like I am ...more