Women and Work in Germany

A friend recently sent me a link to an article in The New York Times titled 'Women Nudged Out of German Workforce'. It was rather appropriate timing as I have spent much of the last week and a half in  my German class discussing the issues that women regularly face here in Germany in business and what causes them. ...more

Pay equity for women to be repealed?

Minnesota proposes to end ‘equal pay for women’ policy for public employees.  Do we really want to go back? NORTHFIELD, MN (February 21, 2011) – In the United States, women make 77 cents per each dollar men make (Census, 2010). It used to be even worse. Governments in Minnesota have been operating under a pay equity for women policy to insure fairness.  Now the policy is under scrutiny with repeal being proposed. Minnesota was the first state to pass pay equity laws....more

Why Men Still Make More Money

Let's face it ladies. The fight’s not fair in the business world. We may be picking away at the salary gap but we still only earn 77 cents to every man’s dollar, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And despite filling more seats at business school, fewer than 3 percent of Fortune 1000 CEOs are women. ...more

The Third Shift: Maintaining Your Sanity While Going to College

We women talk A LOT about finding "balance." Well, maybe I should say "you." As someone who isn't married and doesn't have any kids, I don't know how most of you do it. I can't even balance my checkbook let alone kids' carpools and soccer games, date night, and 8 or more hours of work each day. If you've got kids, you're pretty much the Duggars to me. ...more

Pay It Forward Day!

  April 29, 2010 is "Pay It Forward Day" we all remember the sweet touching movie where the little boy did 3 good deeds for others in need. I think this is something that we should all be attempting to do as much as possible, and not need to be reminded of it each year. Don't get me wrong, I know plenty of you out there that are care givers and others who do good things all the time. For my caregivers friends, I think someone should pay it forward to you today to give you a break so you could take a day for yourself, you deserve it!...more

Does Taking Your Husband's Name (or Not) Affect How Much Money You Make?

Nine years ago this fall, I went to the closest Social Security office when we returned from our honeymoon and changed my last name to match my husband's. It wasn't an easy decision, and we went through a plethora of choices: keep our own names, combine them into one general family name, hyphenate my own while his remains a single last name. But ultimately, I decided (my husband didn't have feelings either way) to change my name despite my discomfort with having publications under my maiden name. ...more
I just got married two months ago, and leading up to it, I went back and forth on the last name. ...more

Do you pay for grades?

I remember once in my youth, I must have been about 11 or so, sitting on a schoolbus listening to two boys talking in the seat in front of me.  One of them was showing off a wad of cash. "Thirty-three dollars, man," he said proudly.  "It's 'cause of the 2 A's and the 2 B's that I got.  My parents are so excited." I couldn't contain myself. "Your parents give you money for your grades?" I asked, interrupting them. ...more

So first, I feel not-so-smart for taking five mintues to figure two A's and two B's is ...more

NFL Player Salaries: What They Are, and Why

Signing bonuses, salary caps, betting on huge potential--they're all part of the game when it comes to determining the incomes of professional football players. Continue reading "NFL Player Salaries: What They Are, and Why" » ...more

Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?

As the U.S. unemployment rate increases--at 6.5 percent, it has reached a 14-year high--and President Bush's tenure winds down, all eyes are on President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress set to take the reins in Washington in January. Will the new leadership provide relief? Continue reading "Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?" » ...more

Average Salary Increases: What's On the Horizon for 2009?

Over the last several weeks, it seems the United States has come entirely unglued--at least financially. It's enough to make any worker uneasy about job security and compensation. With all the fiscal unrest, we wonder: what can we expect for an average salary increase in 2009, in light of the sorry state of the economy? Continue reading "Average Salary Increases: What's On the Horizon for 2009?" » ...more