It's A Recession, Can You Afford An A Student?

Unlike my sisters and my brother, I looked forward to bringing home my report card every marking period. A great report card to me, meant more money in my pockets. Every "A" I received was worth $5, every "B" was worth $3, and anything below that was worth a big goose egg! So to say that I strived every marking period to gain "A"s in every subject was an understatement. It wasn't even something that I had to work that hard towards either.  Academics were something I never struggled with as a kid, but my siblings on the other hand, were complete opposites. ...more

A Dollar for Every Perfect Test Score

You can put me squarely into the category of “overachieving Asian”, thanks to my parents' policy of paying me a dollar for every perfect “100” I scored on a test.  Anything less and I would get nothing.  Pay for grades?  Does that actually work?  In my case it seemed to. ...more

The idea of striving for continuous improvement is one that everyone should embrace. There ...more