Homemade Kindness Advent Calendar

I thought it would be fun this year to do an advent calendar and it would be even better if it focused on kindness and paying good things forward. As the children get older, I'm incorporating more service activities into our family and this calendar is a nice way to do that with younger ones....more

Paying it Forward

One of the things I love best about the middle school my girls attend is their focus on service and community. They are encouraged to find something they are passionate about, big or small, and use that energy to connect with others and make a difference in the world. ...more

ELECT JESUS: Make Dreams Come True

A Frugal Reminder

We frequently receive freebies, samples, or hugely discounted/coupon items.  You can only stockpile so much!  What to with the overflow:...more

Eight Ways to Pay It Forward

(republished from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents) If you use Facebook or Twitter, chances are that you’ve come across some pretty amazing people – especially parents who have lost a child – asking others to pay it forward in honor of their loved one....more

How to Earn the Kindness of Strangers

While in Sacramento for a conference, my friend Deb and I hailed a cab to a restaurant. During the ride, we learned from Shaa, our cabbie, that life in Sacramento was anything but easy. The recession has hit this California city hard, he told us. Case in point: he’d been driving his cab more than 10 hours that day. We were his second fare. During that 10 hours, he’d netted only $45....more

Karma It Forward

My daughters love to read, and our home is filled with books.  I try my hardest not to pay full price for books and utilize the wonderful garage / yard sales that my community has in the summer to replenish my book supplies so that there is always something "new" to read.  This summer didn't yield the quantity of books that we are used to, and my girls had patiently spent month reading the same books over and over....more

Pay it Forward - to a Mommy

Dear Russell,I want to thank you for saving me from my cranky self last Friday. You might not have realized it but the one word you said to me helped me get through the rest of the day. It gave me the pep in my step that I had a lost. So thank you. You are amazing.Cheers,The Orange Rhino*Day 45 sucked. You already know that. But what you don’t know is that it only mostly sucked, it didn’t completely suck. All thanks to Russell....more
 @TheOrangeRhino You are very welcome. I do truly enjoy reading your blog and will definitely ...more

The Toilet Paper Diaries: "Dude" Pays It Forward

I did...I really did. Take care...KR @Papa is a Preachermore

Pay It Forward {Day 30/Year 2}

Huzzah!30 days of blogging...DONE!30 days of finding some way big or small to pay it forward to someone somewhere.Some were folks I know like my favorite bloggers, my son and my husband....more