Does Your Salary History Really Matter to a Future Employer?

Your salary history tells an important story of how far you've come along a career path, so it's fitting that a prospective employer might be interested in learning more about your past earnings. Yet it's unfair to take a salary history at face value, because there are so often back-stories that need explaining. ...more

How to Handle Salary Requirements When Applying for a Job

Job interviewing is like art: it requires skill, dexterity, and the right tools and environment. Make one wrong move and the result can be disastrous. This is especially true when it comes to discussing salary requirements. As a job-seeker, approaching a conversation with a prospective employer about salary requirements can be tricky. How soon can you expect an employer to ask you about your salary requirements? Should you ever include salary requirements in a cover letter? How can you pick a salary that doesn't aim too high or too low? ...more

Tip 94: Sign Up For Automatic Bill Paying

Automatic bill paying saves you time every month, for every bill. It saves you money because you will never have to use stamps or pay a late fee again. Automatic bill paying also reduces stress because you don’t have to worry about when each individual bill is due. If you are concerned about the security of online bill paying, please know that every major financial institution uses electronic safeguards to protect the privacy and ...more

Current Unemployment Rate Hits Four-Year High

The U.S. unemployment rate edged up to 5.7 percent in July, hitting a four-year high. But some say the number conceals the true toll of the fickle economy, which can be seen in people forced to work part time because their hours were cut, or they couldn't find full-time employment. ...more

Top Ten Companies to Work for During Tough Times

America may be mired in hard times, but there are still great companies to work for, and their success lies in getting the simple things right--such as valuing employees. ...more

Unemployment: Is the Worst Yet to Come?

Today's release of current unemployment rates may be more unwelcome news reminding us of a rickety economy, but the skies could grow darker still. Goldman Sachs forecasts that the U.S. unemployment rate will peak at 6.4 percent late in 2009 before improving, meaning the painful process of shedding jobs may be only half-way done. ...more

7 Tips For Boosting Your Career Through Online Social Networks

Online social networks are an excellent way for mid-career professionals to boost their careers, experts say--but workers should heed several tips before getting started. Stephen Weinstein knows about the power of online social networks. He landed his current job, manager of marketing communications at Cooper Power Systems in Waukesha, Wis., through, an online social network for professionals. A recruiter at Cooper contacted him earlier this year, asking if he knew anyone interested in the position; after reading the job description, he pursued the post and was hired. Of LinkedIn he says, “I swear by the site, and encourage my friends and colleagues to ‘get connected’ on the site. … I've expanded both my personal and professional networks as a result of, and have been extremely successful in connecting others who may not have had previous knowledge of each other, using the site.” If you’re a mid-career professional wanting to ramp up your career by similarly leveraging the power of online social networks like LinkedIn, experts offer a wealth of tips for getting started. Continue reading "7 Tips For Boosting Your Career Through Online Social Networks" » ...more

Congress Sends Bush Extension of Unemployment Benefits

The U.S. Senate has approved a measure that would give an extra 13 weeks of unemployment benefits to the approximately 1.55 million unemployed workers who exhaust their regular 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. Continue reading "Congress Sends Bush Extension of Unemployment Benefits & Unemployment Compensation" » ...more

Sleeping on the Job: Will It Make You a Better Employee?

Napping at work might make you a better worker. That's because our bodies, according to a graphic touted by Lifehacker, need afternoon shut-eye to perform at their best--which points to a nap in the middle of the workday. But how can you grab some winks without looking like a slacker? ...more

5 Things You Should Know About Unemployment Benefits

An unemployment benefits bill being debated in Congress would offer displaced workers around $1,160 a month, enough to buy about 287 gallons of gas at the current price. The bill, which would extend benefits to workers running out of state-funded aid, was approved by the House of Representatives yesterday, with 49 Republicans breaking ranks to support it. But the measure faces an uncertain future in the Senate, and the White House is vowing to veto it. Aside from the political posturing, what does the extension really mean for unemployed workers? Continue reading "5 Things You Should Know About Unemployment Benefits" » ...more