Job Interview? Don't Show Up Drunk, or Bring Your Mom, or ...

With graduation season in full bloom, new grads are sailing the job-interviewing seas, but some are drowning right out of the gate. Others will confront nightmarish--and sometimes illegal--job interview questions. One candidate at Tavalon Tea, a premium tea company based in New York, started bashing Tavalon, apparently too hung over to remember where he was. Another Tavalon interviewee brought his mom. And a candidate at Collins Wealth Management, a financial planning practice in Parsippany, N.J., answered her cell phone in the middle of an interview--to chat about a TV show and weekend plans.  [] ...more

It takes like 6 weeks to get certified. Yes, cleaning and changing elderly is usually a part ...more

Why Skipping Your Summer Vacation Could Kill You

As vacation season rolls around, some Americans are planning to forsake their summer getaways. More than half of the respondents in a Yahoo! HotJobs survey said they'll sacrifice summer vacation this year to save money. But if you make a habit of skipping vacations, you could be shortening your life. ...more

Thanks for this post.  I only wish I'd found it before I left for my own ambivalent vacation!more

Police Officer Salaries: Are Law Enforcement Officials Underpaid?

In some cities, police officer salaries may be less than what a bum can rake in on a yearly basis. But are police officer salaries really that shabby? Last month, New York City police officer salaries received a big boost when the Public Employee Relations Board awarded them a 9.7 percent pay raise over two years. The NYC police officer starting salary is now $36,000, up from $25,000--though in exchange, new hires will see fewer vacation days. [] ...more

NFL Salary Spat: Greedy Players vs. Selfish Owners?

A few years ago, the NFL instituted a salary cap that gives each team the same budget for NFL player salaries. But last week, National Football League team owners voted unanimously to terminate their labor contract with the players union early, in a move to cut salary costs. [Reuters] Apparently, team owners feel players are overpaid--though the players disagree. ...more

When Your Boss Wants to Friend You on Facebook

Has your boss ever asked to be "friends" with you on Facebook? As social media becomes more prevalent, this is a dilemma more workers are facing. A Boston Globe story reports that the fastest-growing segment of Facebook is people 25 years or older, and more than half of all users are beyond college. Accepting a boss's Facebook request can be awkward, but rejecting it can be a slight--and potentially detrimental to your career. Should employers be making such inquiries? If they do--and no doubt some will--what's an employee to do? ...more

I can see situations in my world when I would not have wanted to friend my boss - or my ...more

IT Careers: Too ‘Geeky’ for Women

Some important people think IT careers need a makeover. Microsoft is touting them to young women, as is the European Union, which earlier this year announced plans to make IT careers more appealing to women. According to The second annual DigiGirlz event, held on March 26 in Islandia, N.Y., was attended by more than 150 11th grade girls from seven schools on Long Island. Presenters from all walks of IT gave presentations on career planning and job roles in areas from law to health care, the public sector and security companies. Women at the top of the field doled out unconventional career advice to girls in the hopes of dispelling the notion that one must be a geek to work with technology. By squashing IT's 'geeky' image and giving it a sexier sheen, the logic goes, more women will be drawn to it, helping stave off a shortage of workers. ...more

American Workers Too Fat?

The cost of obesity is going up. According to a Conference Board report, obese workers cost private employers as much as $45 billion every year in medical expenses and lost work. That’s a heavy financial burden to bear. Does it justify employers hiring thinner job candidates, rather than those who are obese? ...more

Blogging for Equitable Pay: Reducing the Gender Wage Gap

Because it’s technically 18 April here today, I’m showing my solidarity with American women blogging for fair pay a little early. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, my one day of caring should actually be 22 April. Unfortunately for those who know me personally, Because it's technically 18 April here today, I'm showing my solidarity with American women blogging for fair pay a little early. ...more

This Isn't Your Grandpa's Job Market

Job hopping used to be a red flag. Frequent jumps around the job market signaled a worker's lack of commitment. These days it's more of a green light, especially for younger workers. Job mobility can help speed them along a career path--or rescue them from a rut--and keep them interested in their work. In a recent Boston Globe piece Penelope Trunk writes: ...more

Looking for a Crystal Ball on the Jobs Front, and Turning Up Short

If the job market seemed soft a month ago, these days it appears softer still. Late last week the Labor Department reported the unemployment rate rose from 4.8 to 5.1 percent in March, and nonfarm payroll employment was down 80,000 jobs. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics release: In March, employment continued to fall in construction, manufacturing, and employment services, while health care, food services, and mining added jobs. ...more