Stop With The Paycheck Fairness Bologna

The reason that women get paid less is because they don’t ask for what they’re worth.I’ve hired upwards of 100 people in my working days. The majority being for the exact same job – promotional team member. You know, those people that hand out samples of some product at an event encouraging you to buy it? I hired them. I trained them. I organized the event. That was me. I was one of two promotional directors at an advertising consulting company. I was damn good at it to....more
 @Iluvem Absolutely I think women are not being taught to properly value their contributions. ...more

Senate Stalls "Don't Ask" AND DREAM Act. Will the Paycheck Fairness Act Pass?

Of the many bills up for a vote in the Senate, today's votes on two high-profile pieces of legislation succumbed to a Republican filibuster by narrow margins -- and a third bill of utmost importance to women in the workforce could face a vote in the next week. ...more


Why Equal Pay Day is Equal Power Day

Pick a number between one and fifty-one....more

Paycheck Equity

I swear that I will one day get over the miserableness that was the previous ensuing decade, but for now I will continue to harp on yet another failure of the previous decade. In January 2009, President Obama started the year off right by signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law. The Act righted a serious offense committed by the Supreme Court, which had ruled that discriminating against women by paying them less than men for doing the same (or even better work) was perfectly fine as long as companies kept it secret for a really long time. ...more

Women's Issues, Obama the Feminist and the 111th Congress

The Ms. Special Winter 2009 Inaugural Issue is now out with a cover image of President-elect Barack Obama wearing a t-shirt that says, "This is what a feminist looks like." From a media advisory prepared by Ms.: ...more

Your blog post came up on my feed this AM, and I thought you might be interested in seeing ...more

Fairness Deferred is now in the Senate's Hands

by Faith Childs ...more

Lilly Ledbetter, a Real War Hero, Could Help Obama

Little did I know a few weeks ago, when Carole Joffe and I wrote "It's About Time Working Women Get Straight Answers from John McCain", showing the connective tissue uniting economic and reproductive justice--you know, like the phrase "barefoot and pregnant"-- and ...more

Pay Inequity and Other Animals