It's A Recession, Can You Afford An A Student?

Unlike my sisters and my brother, I looked forward to bringing home my report card every marking period. A great report card to me, meant more money in my pockets. Every "A" I received was worth $5, every "B" was worth $3, and anything below that was worth a big goose egg! So to say that I strived every marking period to gain "A"s in every subject was an understatement. It wasn't even something that I had to work that hard towards either.  Academics were something I never struggled with as a kid, but my siblings on the other hand, were complete opposites. ...more

I'll Take an A for $100, Alex.

Paying for grades, paying for grades. Bribery? Reward? Right? Wrong?I'll give you the answer for $20. ...more

I don't know why I'll pay for teeth and chores but not grades. I just won't.

Rita ...more