A Dream Cast for The Signature of All Things

I absolutely loved Elizabeth Gilbert's novel The Signature of All Things, so I was pretty thrilled to hear news that the novel is being adapted for Masterpiece on PBS. ...more
Ok I like your casting picks. I wouldn't change a thing.more

Mystery Madness: Veronica Mars and other obsessions

On twitter I admitted that I am a Mystery Geek....more

9 Ways to Celebrate the Return of 'Downton Abbey'

Everyone's favorite tears-in-the-crumpets Masterpiece drama, Downton Abbey, returns with the Season 4 premiere tonight -- and my, how we've missed it. ...more
Missing it already. It finished over here in November. Roll on Sept.more

The Real Housewives of...PBS?

I have an outstanding group of friends. One particular bunch is a group of other moms of twins whom I have known since our kids were about three-months-old. When we get together, it’s like old war buddies meeting up for a beer. Except that for us, since our kids are only five, the war isn’t exactly over yet — we’re just in the “winning hearts and minds” phase. (Psst…it’s not going well.)...more

In the wee small hours....

So to follow-up on yesterday’s post, the web, being a curse and a blessing,had me icing my sore hip last night and early this morning.It helped alleviate the discomfort a wee bit, but… Who did I find while I was icing? Martha Stewart. Yup, Martha was on PBS at 3am with “Martha’s cooking class”…the things they have on television at that hour…lol. ...more

Our Deep Twisted Relationship With TV: Why I Can't Quit 'Downton Abbey'

More than a week after the Downton finale, I’m still thinking about what went wrong. I happened upon both major plot twists via spoilers, and yet, they were awful just the same. Awful because they were tragic and because they had me wondering if the writing is losing me. All the same, it seems it will be an eternity until the next season begins. Like Losties to the Island, Downton, I can’t quit you....more
@ColleenBlooms It's ironic that after all the shows trying to be "the new LOST", it was a grand ...more

PBS's "Makers" Chronicles the Fight for Womanhood as We Know It

MAKERS is a landmark digital and broadcast initiative from AOL and PBS showcasing compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. A three-hour documentary, MAKERS: Women Who Make America is now viewable online at PBS.org....more
I think you'll be able to watch on the website after tonight!more

Late to the Party at Downton Abbey

Which of the U.S. National Parks Have You Visited?

Have you ever visited any of the of over 400 national parks that are part of the United States National Park Service? It's one of the best ways to get a first-hand view of this beautiful country in all its variation and wonder. I've watched alligators slither through the river of grass from an air boat on the Florida Everglades. I've seen the sun rise over the dormant volcano Haleakala on Maui....more
When I was a child, my family visited Yosemite. Old Faithful left a lasting impression.    I ...more

Zaffron is Leary of Mitt Romney

Russell and I decided to watch the Star Wars series with the kids. We've seen the first two movies (four and five) and we're just about to start the animated series, The Clone Wars, before moving on to the third movie....more