Just a simple Friday Night

Unlike so much else around me these days, this is not a political rant from the counter point.  Rather, its a journey through the cookbooks on my counter.  I love to cook but I am not that great at creating recipes from scratch.  So instead of working from scratch, I scour cookbooks and recipes online and then tweak them where needed....more

“Double, Double Toil and Trouble” Comes to PBS

This week Macbeth comes to a local PBS station near you as part of the Great Performances series. I have gushed about this play several times before – and now I will again. ...more

Ha! but no doubt it was fun! (Read Macbeth in 12 grade English too)more

The Morning Lineup

 My toddlers know the PBS line up by heart because in this family, we wake up when the babies wake up, and that can be any time from 7 a.m....more

After 40 Years, Sesame Street is Still the Best Kids' TV Show

A few mornings ago, I found myself mesmerized by a musical number on Sesame Street. I watched the rest of the show and was delighted to see that the Sesame Street I watched in the 80's and 90's, is the same as the one that airs today. I caught another episode this morning and had the same experience....more

Sounds cute! I can tolerate Elmo when he's playing 2nd banana, like he does when paired with ...more

Jane Goodall: Reason for Hope

Last Friday night I dimmed the lights, grabbed my blanket and settled into to an hour with Jane Goodall. The DVD is called Reason for Hope A Spiritual Journey, narrated by Harrison Ford it allows us to see this woman beyond her career....more

What Makes You Human?

Do you ever feel that we spend too much time talking about how we're different? Some of us spend a lifetime dissecting others by race, gender, nationality, culture, and political leanings, and so it's refreshing to see a documentary that asks what makes us the same: What do we all share in common? ...more

In answer to your question, Do you ever feel that we spend too much time talking about how ...more

Civil Discord, Oxford-Style Debate: Why I Heart "Intelligence Squared"

When I was a geeky teenager back in the early 1970s, one of my favorite television shows was a short-lived PBS series called The Advocates, in which well-informed, but ideologically opposed debaters argued over the issues of the day. That was back when people could disagree without impugning each other's patriotism, intelligence or character....more

I listened to the episode on Iran tonight and found it extremely enlightening. Liz Cheney was ...more

Press Release: PBS Newshour website features H1N1 experts and resource guide for “Anatomy of a Pandemic”

“PBS NEWSHOUR” WEBSITE FEATURES H1N1 EXPERTSAND RESOURCE GUIDE FOR “ANATOMY OF A PANDEMIC”— Interviews, Latest News, Local and National Resources Featured in Companion Website to PBS Flu Special that Airs Nationwide on December 14 —WASHINGTON, D.C....more

I Love National Parks, Don't You?

My husband and I love National Parks. Before we were married, we spent several Christmases in Yosemite. We got engaged at the Grand Canyon at the beginning of a road trip across the Southwest where we visited Zion, Arches and Goblin Valley (a very cool State Park). ...more

The one of your kitty was very cute too (:

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