Sister Math is very different from regular run-of-the-mill math. It's sort of like string theory is to algebra--it just operates on a very different set of rules. For instance, in Sister Math, the amount of times your sibling has done something is directly proportional to how much trouble they will be in when caught. They may have only done it two times if no one is ever going to know but that number can swell well into the double digits if mum or dad notices. 2 + 2 really can equal "ten times today alone" if the transgression is something like raiding the liquor cabinet. ...more


SjP's Weekend Updates, Thoughts, and Other Rumblings

Today’s post is a compilation of my thoughts, rants, updates, and ramblings; and maybe even some things that just make you go “hmmm”. Take note and enjoy. ...more

How to teach cultural diversity in a non-diverse community: how TV can help to enhance learning

In many communities across North America the complaint is the same; “I want to help my children learn about other races, religions and cultures, but my community isn’t very integrated & my circle of friends is not diverse, what do I do?” It’s true that although we are a country of diverse backgrounds, most people tend to seek out groups of friends of the same race, religion and/or ethnicity. It is easier to find common ground and the language barrier is not present when spending time with others who share in our culture. ...more

Yes that would be a nice idea, to change surrondings but could be impractical. For example my ...more

Prime Mirren: A Recap/Review of “Prime Suspect: The Final Act”

PBS repeated the first part of the last installment of "Prime Suspect" tonight on Masterpiece Theatre. I never wrote a recap/review the first time it aired but in honor of its re-airing I decided to post one now. You all know I'm a loyalist when it comes to American television drama: "Lost," "24," "Damages," "House," they're all among my favorites. But I've always been a sucker for British television drama, especially mysteries. And I don't mean the prissy, drawing room mysteries where all the characters sit around drinking sherry waiting for Miss Marple to blurt out, "It was Reginald in the pantry with an andiron." I'm talking about spy shows like "MI-5," and crime shows like "Cracker," and "Touching Evil." Shows written and acted ruthlessly, rarely selling out a character or a plot line. The European locales are a welcome change from Hollywood back lots, and the often unfamiliar acting pool means you never know which red shirt won't be returning to the Enterprise. Anyone can be killed off at a moment's notice. So when a show like "Prime Suspect" starring the fabulous Helen Mirren returns for "The Final Act, "I'm there. Read This Entire Post At Megan's Minute. ...more

Run, BlogHers, Run! - NOVA Marathon Challenge

As I was watching the NOVA Marathon Challenge Tuesday night, which followed twelve regular people on "Team NOVA" training to run the 26 mile Boston Marathon, I came to a shocking realization. I too was once on Team Nova. Find out what I'm talking about and laugh at dorky yearbook photos from the 90's by reading the full review on my blog "Half of Me." ...more

Little News, Little Project and Bigger than Barbie

A Little News: I received the following message from Carol Sauvion, Executive Director of the PBS program CRAFT IN AMERICA: I saw a large number of bloggers writing about the program before it aired.   I'm certain that the ratings can and should be attributed to ALL the bloggers spreading the word.  Congrats to us all!! We made a difference, it was noticed, and we shall reap the reward: More Programs!  (though a thank you in the form of a complimentary DVD would have nice... I'll take more programs!) ...more