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Some of the Basics on PC vs. Mac

You might be wondering what your next computer purchase should be. You might even be wondering if the information you are being given at the store is honest and accurate. So I'm here to help you when you are pondering whether or not to buy a PC or Mac. There are links throughout to help you with more information directly to the Apple website.Here are the main differences between the PC and Mac:...more
I service both Mac and PC's. Much of this article and in the comments below are Mac-Biased ...more

Coupon Clipping PC Style

Online coupons are a great way to save, and you can find huge discounts at daily deal sites and ...more

Parents Need to Understand Online Video Games Rather than Hate Them

In today's day and age, the Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is the hottest trend in computer entertainment and they are only getting more interactive. Parents don't understand the extent of these games and instead of getting involved; they trash the whole idea and say that they ruining a child's life. As a gaming parent, I'm here to dismiss that myth. ...more

Why I'm a Mac

Yes, I'm an Apple fan girl. But I wasn't always one. Before OS X, Apple's Unix-based Operating System, I was a hardcore PC. I could track down missing dlls, edit the OS registry files, install and configure firewall and virus software, and format, partition, and reinstall the Windows Operating System lickity split. Then one day while I was trying to remove spyware from my system I realized that I was a busy person and didn't have time to dink around with this stuff anymore. I was a college student at the time and I also worked full time....more

Politically Correct or Common Courtesy

A fellow Twitterer and I had a bit of a discussion the other day regarding the reasoning behind Spring Break now being referred to as Spring Break and no longer being called Easter Break. ...more

Are You Held Hostage By Technology in Your Business?

Remember the days of calling the help desk at work when you had a PC problem? Well those days are long gone when you strike out solo. Whether you have a full or part-time home office for your business, you ARE the help desk. Is it really the best use of your time to spend countless hours troubleshooting? Does every new purchase, download, or gadget have to be like a trip through hell? ...more

I've often wondered especially after my recent customer service tortures whether the extended ...more

Computer Is The Family's Scrapbook

When my granddaughter was born four years ago, I put photos of her into every kind of photo-saving device - albums, scrapbooks, Grandma’s brag book, refrigerator magnet frames, etc.  Trouble was, I took so many photos and received so many, that they started getting ahead of me.  When I want to show someone how she’s grown, most often I go for the jpg’s on the computer and attach them to an email.   It’s an extra  step to update wallet photos and to continue buying albums to put on the bookshelf, so I stopped.  ...more

My book review

Hey everyone Just finished my review and just wanted to give you the heads up on it first. If your into gaming you'll want to check this out. Its all about "squeezing" as much performance from your PC as possible. Check it out here Overclocking your CPU to the extreme review Enjoy! Gav ...more