Intersection of Technology & Politics: Personal Democracy Forum 2009 round-up

What's at the intersection of politics and technology? More than a thousand people at 60th and Broadway on June 29 and 30th, aka Personal Democracy Forum 2009. ...more

Obama's IT Dashboard unveiled by US CIO at PdF09 in NYC

I'm liveblogging the Personal Democracy Forum all day today and you can follow the current session below. Vivek Kundra is the administration's Chief Information Officer and has demonstrated the beta version of the IT Dashboard which lets us access government data in an unprecedented way (whether that's good or bad, you decide). If you'd like to follow all the live-blogs today from PdF, please go here. I will try to post as many as I can - there will be close to 13 so the fingerprints on my digits may be gone later today. ...more

Live-blog Alert: Personal Democracy Forum 2009, Day 2 (6/30)

Tomorrow, I'll be live-blogging the following presentations from Personal Democracy Forum 2009, Day 2. I use a program called CoverItLive and embed it in a post on Writes Like She Talks. When the session starts, I start typing as it happens and you can read and/or comment - it's a great way to be there without being there. ...more