Gluten Free Pea Pesto

 *Note: The background for this picture is the one I built for this tutorial. Click here to see it.  For the past few days, I've meaning to try this recipe from smitten kitchen. I don't really like Pesto, but I figured that peas would give it a creamy texture to make it more bearable. And I wasn't wrong. The texture of the pesto is super creamy, without being oily. The sweetness of the peas contrast the garlic and basil flavors. Plus the texture of the almonds is different for a regular pesto. Almonds add crunch to the dish.  In a quest for better health, I've been eating cleaner lately, following the Clean Eating movement. This dish sounded like a perfect lunch.  The pasta is Gluten Free, made from brown rice. Which makes this dish a healthy lunch. I bet it would taste great the next day, after the pasta soaks up all the flavor. ...more