Reading Stephen Cope: Tapping into Bliss

It is not an exaggeration for me to say that without yoga I would never have completed a novel. It is also not an exaggeration for me to say that without yoga I would never have begun a novel -- much less stuck with the process, had the patience, displayed the perseverance necessary to reaching the stage I am now at. I have been doing various types of yoga for about 12 years now. ...more

Which One Are You?

There are three types of people in the world when it comes to peace. There are PEACE BREAKERS, PEACE FAKERS, and PEACE MAKERS. Which one are you? Let me explain each of them. ...more

Hatred and the care of the soul

It feels like the world has been morally burning these past few weeks. From the elation of Inauguration Day, we've all had to climb down from our hopes of some immediate transformation of the populace. We've instead found that those of us who felt joy are even more vulnerable to feeling the pain of recent acts of hatred. ...more

Interestingly, when I took Hebrew, the professor told us that the word "Shalom" - usually ...more

Israeli Police and Military Brutalize Peaceful Protesters at Netanyahu's Speech

by Ann Wright @ Huffington Post   ...more

This is What Peace Feels Like

Become inspired in three minutes!  See Jane Do has captured the essence of CODEPINK's Mother's Day event and vigil in this short video.  Our team reported on the event and will feature the stories of these everyday extraorindary women who came together to promote peace on June 3rd, at 1:00 P.M on KVMR. Over 8,000 quilt squares were sewn from people worldwide to create a 150 foot quilt that read, "I will not raise my children to kill another mother's child". ...more

Why Can't We Be Friends?

The arguments just don't hold up after viewing peace in action, check out this video: (approx. 3 minutes) and try not to smile, I dare ya! If you have seen it, pass it on. ...more

Has anyone besides me decided to repurpose her blog?

This is a cross post from my Build Peace blog.  I'm "repurposing" what has been my pretty far to the left blog, Build Peace, to be more about me and building peace at many levels including internally through acceptance, intention, attitude, simplification and other profoundly sound and sometimes seemingly trendy concepts. ...more

Mother’s Day for Peace

I’d like to wish all of you mothers out there a happy Mother’s Day, and inspire you with a little bit of history about the original meaning of Mother’s Day. In 1872, Julia Ward Howe led the first Mother’s Day event, an anti-war observance in New York City. In honor of that event, Howe wrote her Mother’s Day Proclamation. Here’s an excerpt: ...more

The Radical Act of Knitting: Mothers Warm Hearts World-Wide

Calling all knitters for peace!  Can a cozy inspire positive change?  Can it do more than warm our bodies but also warm our hearts?  Maybe not one cozy but perhaps 4,000 can.  Individuals and groups all over the world in places like; Turkey, the United States, South Africa, Chile, France, and even people in my home town are knitting their way towards a 150' quilt to drape across the fence in front of the White House that promotes peace during CODEPINK's historic Mother's Day event and vigil. ...more

I remember knitters gathering squares for quilts after natural disasters and the "wombs on ...more