Use Your Umbrella

Imagine a sudden, dark, drenching rainstorm.  Think of downpour.  It is raining big drops fast, a drastic change from when you left the house this morning.  Now is a good time for your umbrella, so you put it up quickly and efficiently.  And it makes things much better. This is what a centering thought does.  It helps you filter out excess and calm yourself when you are flooded by stimuli.  The stimuli can be physical (such as pain), biochemical (such as food, drink, or substances), energetic (such as aggression, pressure, lethargy) or emotional (such as thinki ...more


"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." - Jimi Hendrix ...more

I Can Only Imagine...

I sat here today looking at the amazing beauty out my back door, the trees, the birds and so much more wondering how we got here.  How did we get to a place where each day is filled with so much stress, fear and doubt of the unknown?  Did we unconsciously choose our destination; did we knowingly choose where we are?  Then one must ask do I want to stay in this place of stress, fear and doubt? ...more

ICC warrants + Sudan's president = toxic cocktail

A protest against the ICC and in support of Sudan's president in Khartoum, March 4, 2009. Photo/REUTERS ...more

Good news out of Darfur

You may still be grappling at the title of my post but read on. One of the most active rebel groups fighting in Darfur and the government in Khartoum have agreed to sign a so-called "declaration of good intentions" which could further lead to a possible peace deal in the region. What does it mean? ...more

Cook Up a Revolution for Women's Rights!

Mama Cash is an international women's fund known for its support of daring women's human rights initiatives worldwide. Since 1983, Mama Cash has granted over 35 million Euros to approximately 6,000 women's organisations fighting for safety, economic justice and full participation for women in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Right now, Mama Cash is hosting the first-ever global dinner party for women's rights, and you are invited. ...more

The Great Love

  Something remarkable happened to me this year: I started loving everyone. Everyone. The hundreds of people I know and the billions I don’t. ...more

Find inner peace with journaling

Our minds are often bustling with loads of thoughts we don’t even notice - we don’t realise they are draining us. We have things on our mind, but they stay stuck without release when we are busy trying to work and focus on something else. Your mind can become very heavy and you don’t even know it. ...more

Radiate kindness to transform your life

Radiate kindness to transform your life I am new to this ‘radiating kindness’ thing but I am fast learning how powerful it is. It is an attitude that can change your life, your level of happiness and help you attract amazing things to yourself as well. ...more

How to stop being petty (especially in moments you don’t know you are)

How to stop being petty (especially in moments you don’t know you are) It doesn’t matter what age or how intelligent you are we can all be petty at times. We may not realise it when it’s happening, but hindsight tells us otherwise. If you ponder the incident you can learn your lesson and behave differently next time. ...more