Female peacekeepers take the helm, to end gender-based violence

A training course piloted in India aims to equip female military officers in peacekeeping missions to tackle sexual and gender-based violence. ...more

In India, special training and all-women peacekeeping units confront sexual violence

As the UN Security Council prepares for its annual Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security on 18 October, a look at a recent peacekeeper training for officers from 16 countries on how to respond to sexual violence in conflict areas. ...more

Blue Helmet trainings to prevent sexual violence

To prevent and respond to sexual violence in peacekeeping operations, Rwandan and South African military officers recently took part in a scenario-based training course by UN Women and DPKO. ...more

I Hate "Positive" Female Stereotypes

I love Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, I really do. As the first female president of Liberia, she has done amazing and wonderful things to heal her country from the violent civil war that destroyed so many lives in the most brutal, animalistic ways possible. ...more