Vanilla Peach Oat Smoothie

Warmer weather is finally here which means its time to step up my smoothie game. I've been trying to unlock a secret smoothie formula that isn't loaded with sugar and will keep the hunger pains at bay until lunch time. Are you ready for a bold statement?...more

Braised Pork Loin Chops with Brown Sugar Peach Sauce

Lots of experimenting and a delicious result.  Enjoy! Ingredients:3 Pork Loin Chops3 Tbsp ButterSeasoning (Tarragon, Basil, Ground Cinnamon)2-3 Carrots Peeled & Sliced1 Cup Chicken Broth2 Tbsp Vinegar (I used Champagne) 3 Tbsp Fruit Jelly (1 Tbsp Red Raspberry, 2 Tbsp Raspberry Peach Champagne)...more

How to Make the Prettiest Kale, Peach & Almond Salad (Video)

What is my (and every other person's, it seems) favorite vegetable du jour? KALE, baby! There are all types of kale: curly kale, dinosaur kale (Umm, huh? Tyrannosaurus Rex? Oh, not that kinda dinosaur? Phew.), red Russian kale, and a few others. I love 'em all. Check out this video we shot of the making of this rockin' kale-peach-almond salad dish for your viewing pleasure!...more
You're making me want some kale and I errr do not like kale. :-)more

Peachy Mangoes

Satisfying a little tummy is a tough job. So with my ongoing quest to make a meal thats interesting, nutritious and flavorful for my daughter, I thought of working with fruits for a change. I used frozen peaches and mangoes and created this meal rich with anti oxidants. I just cooked these two fruits for few minutes till they became soft. Then I added some cardamom powder. The aroma of cardamom made this dish smell wonderful along with mango and peach....more

Fresh Peach Lemonade

Another one of my #StopPinningStartDoing challenges this summer was this delightful recipe for Fresh Peach Lemonade.View Post...more

Leanne’s Canning Adventures: Pie Filling

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I canned my first batch of pickles....more

Peach Cobbler with Chickpea Flour

The other day I was surfing the internet to see what I could to with my garbanzo flour and I found this recipe for a Peach Cobbler with Chickpea Flour. Since I already had some peaches sitting on my counter it didn’t take me long to decide to try out this recipe. Garbanzo/chickpea flour is high in protein and low in carbohydrates so it is suitable for all people on a low-carb or diabetic diet as well as those trying to cut back on gluten. I thought it would be the best to use lot of spices to cover the garbanzo taste. I used cinnamon, vanilla, lemon zest and nutmeg....more

Peach Pound Cake

Mini Peach Pies


Peach Amaretto Tart (Gluten Free), & Photography Talk

Peach Amaretto TartNutty Almond Tart Crust Cradles Fluffy No-Bake Cheesecake and Juicy Summer Peaches, finished with a Sweet Amaretto and Honey Glaze.You guys!  I took a big step....more