Anytime Peach Cobbler

If you are a regular visitor here, then you might have noticed a little more time has been passing between recipe posts. I know that a  few of my write ups have been a little shorter than usual but there is a fabulously exciting reason for that..... (Cue drum roll) .... My very first ecookbook, "The Sweeter Side" is finally finished and ready for purchase. ...more

Peach Cobbler Smoothie

Sweet peaches, creamy yogurt, a sprinkle of oats and hint of cinnamon & nutmeg are blended creating the most summery of peach cobbler smoothies....more
My daughter will love this :) balancingcinderella.blogspot.commore

Gluten-Free Southern Peach Cobbler

You say peaches, I say juicy....more
Well, all is not lost! Your timing is perfect to make one right away with peaches at their peak!! xomore

Easy Peach Cobbler it cobbler or cake?  This easy, tasty cobbler has kind of a cake-like texture, which I love.  Have I mentioned that cake is my ultimate sweet temptation?  I really can't turn any kind of cake down!  My husband's top pick is probably pie.  So, I think he prefers more of a pie-like cobbler.  Please note, he still gobbled this one right up!  Whatever your preference, this sweet, peachy dessert is delicious, especially topped with a little vanilla ice cream!   ...more

Not - Too - Sweet Peach Cobbler, single serve style!

Don't get me wrong, I love sugar...but sometimes I enjoy finding ways to balance our family's after dinner indulgence with a twist of not so sweet....  Tonight I have made a "Not - too Sweet" peach cobbler / dumpling recipe of my own. ...more

Peach Apple Cobbler

 Lately, I've been hooked on apples. Nothing smells better than apples cooking in a slow cooker. So far, in October, I've cooked 3 batches of applesauce, apple and raisin cobbler, and apple crisp---all in the slow cooker. Applesauce Recipe...more

Charlotte's Organic Peach Cobbler

Summer may be coming to an end in a matter of weeks, but the last of those amazingly delicious tree ripened peaches are still available at many of the farmers markets and stores. Here in Colorado we were able to pick up of a flat of organic Palisade peaches at our local farmers market....more

Just Desserts

(as posted on ) When I was four, my mother made a delicious peach cobbler for dessert one night. She gave me an appropriate four-year-old portion and, being four, I asked for more.  Some mothers may have just said, simply, 'No.', but my mother was testing out natural consequences that week (a fad sandwiched in between macrame and cross stitching) and said 'Okay. But you're not leaving the table until you eat it all.' Being four, I ate a few bites and announced that I was done.  My mother was, most times, a pretty lenient parent....more

Cultivate Sweet Summer Moments by the Bushel

It's peach-picking time again! And whether you're picking 'em from the tree or from the grocery store shelf, now is the time to indulge in the summery sweetness of all things peachy.First off, when picking out your perfect peach, look past the fuzz to the color underneath. The ideal peach will have a golden or yellow "under-color". Don't let the color of the fuzz fool you; the reddish "blush" is an indication of variety rather than ripeness. Ripe peaches will give a little to the touch, but be careful not to bruise them... These guys can be rather delicate....more