Monster Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie For Two

Can you really go wrong with a huge cookie? I make this Monster Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie for my husband and myself all the time. Sometimes we get a chocolate craving in the evenings and I really don't want to whip up an entire batch of cookies (we also don't need the temptation of a plate of cookies sitting around). The solution to this dilemma? A cookie recipe that serves two!...more

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Hello everybody! Back at it again with one of our favorite ingredients. This time, we decided to go with a little sweeter use of peanut butter recipe as opposed to some of our spicier recipes were we use a peanut sauce. Honestly, I don’t know of many ingredients that are more versatile than peanut butter. It compliments so many different styles of cooking!...more

Raw salted caramel peanut butter slice recipe

 You can thank me in advance for this recipe. I imagine this is what heaven would taste like....more

Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

 Look out, we’ve gone bananas!!...more

Oh My Reese's Cupcakes

Oh My Reese's Cupcakes...more

Thinking outside the lunch box

My son is in Kindergarten, and he is excited. He is excited about all the new classrooms, books, children and fun to be had. But he is more excited about one particular part of Kindergarten, more than anything else: He can bring a lunch from home. ...more