Let yourself Indulge! - PB&J Cake

Every once in a while its nice to let myself splurge. It keeps me sane. The key to doing this is not going overboard and knowing when to stop. For example, let yourself have one scoop of your favorite ice cream, not an overflowing bowl…or a small piece of your favorite cake, not half the cake  I usually use special occasions as a good time to indulge my sweet tooth like a birthday, wedding, or holiday....more
That's fun! But I want cake now.more

Not your typical PB&J

I have always liked peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches.  When I travel, they are my go-to carry-on meals because they're easy to make, easy to stuff into my purse and aren't perishable.  I remember one trip to Italy with my sister, her then-boyfriend-now-husband, and another friend of ours, we got in late to our lodging and all the restaurants were closed.  I pulled out my loaf of bread and peanut butter and jam jars and just like that, we had dinner!  Ahhh, the memories......more
Yum! I think I would prefer to skip my lunch and go straight for the cookies ;)more

Peanut Butter And Jelly

We were warriors together from our earliest days, standing together in defense as children against things too terrible to speak of even to those closest to us.    ...more

I'm glad you found her. I'm glad you have the chance to share more birthdays with each other. ...more