Pear Pistachio Parfaits

I'm done with snow and subzero everything. Solidly over it. This always happens after the cozy, seasonal warmth of Christmas, when I rouse myself from the sugar stupor of the holidays and realize two whole months stretch in front of me like a piece of god damn frozen tundra. And so many pieces of clothing to put on. SO many. I'm pretty sure the worst part of my day is getting dressed to go out and face all that messy, gray expanse of sprawling humanity....more

5 Pear Recipes for Camping Trips

It's supposed to be pear season here, but it's still in the high 80's so I'm forcing the whole autumn thing a bit, I know....more

"Body Shape… Perfect Fit" [Pear/Triangle]

 Hey guys, I’ve really been enjoying our discussions about body shapes. So we are going to add another shape to our conversation. Next on the list… Pear Shape… check out your shape HERE...more

assauging end-of-summer guilt with a pear, walnut and blue cheese crostata

pear, walnut and blue cheese crostataOh, Labor Day.  You saucy little minx, you.  I’ve spent the entire summer bitching and moaning about the heat and now, as I realize its coming to a close, I’m panicking because Labor Day’s arrival means that summer is about to end.  Cue the Crazy....more

Excitement Over A Pan

I must be living a pretty boring life because I get excited over a new cake pan I bought on Saturday. For the longest time, I do not own a classic bundt cake pan. My star shape bundt pan gave me plenty of beautiful cakes but it was getting a little monotonous. Every time I saw other people’s photos of bundt cakes, I experienced a bad case of pan envy. Well, envy no more. I finally bought my own classic bundt pan and it’s not just any bundt pan....more
 @victorias_view  Thank you! Now I have to stop myself from eyeing all those OTHER pretty bundt ...more

Roasted Pears with Almonds and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Roasted Pears with Almonds and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream ...more

Six Pears a Penny

This is a very simple dessert packed with flavor that can be prepared without cooking. ...more

Fennel Ice Cream & Bittersweet Chocolate Pear Cake - Romantic & Perfect for Valentines!

Fennel Ice Cream & Bittersweet Chocolate Pear Cake ...more