Products to Love: Pearson Furniture

One furniture line I love is Pearson Furniture, and I have posted on them several times sharing with you their showroom at High Point, new introductions from High Point, etc. ...more

What's Trending: Snake Bitten

I firmly believe that every room can have a touch of animal print.  Animal print is a great way to add a little oomph to a space.  Awhile back I posted on leopard print (here), and we are starting off this new year with a bite, a snake bite that is.  While at High Point in October, many vendors had new introduction pieces in snakeskin print. ...more

High Point Fall 2012: Pearson Furniture New Intros

One stop I always look forward to when visiting High Point Market is Pearson's showroom.  They have such a beautiful showroom, and every market they do an excellent job showcasing their new introductions with their other products....more

What's Trending: Men's Suitwear Influence

While at High Point, I'm always looking to see what the big trends for the season are going to be in the interior design world.  A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that this market was Fashion Focused: Fashion for the Home (you can find that here), and in that post, men's suit wear was a major influencer in the fabric selections and styles....more

Elements of Design: Greek Key

The Greek key motif has been a design element used throughout the centuries.  It's dominant presence has been seen for a couple of years now, and isn't going anyway in the near future.  With bold, linear lines being a major trend, the Greek key motif is a great way to incorporate a traditional design into a more transitional and modern space. ...more

A Leg Affair

Who doesn't love beautiful legs?  That can be said for the interiors of your home.  Beautiful chair/sofa legs, table legs, desk legs, kitchen island legs, etc.  I absolutely love it when a piece of furniture has a beautiful leg; it's as if no detail has been left out.  Another way to pay attention to the little details, which are so important to me as a designer.  ...more

High Point Market: Mad for Mad Men

Mad Men has become such a sensation!  It's popular 60's era style has slowly trickled down into the fashion and now the home furnishings industry...Finally!!  This High Point did not disappoint with the Mad Men-inspired mod furniture.   Almost every showroom had a piece, that screamed Mad Men influence, and I loved every piece I saw!! ...more
I like Julian Chichester sun clock and World's away serving cart!  more

High Point Market: Transitional Glam

 Like I said earlier, I've been going to High Point for many years.  And every year I go, I love seeing the new introductions, making new relationships with companies and nourishing my relations with the companies I have used over the years, and trying out and seeing the pieces in person. There are so many companies I wanted to see and so little time to have seen them all; even with a packed schedule, I never get to see them all.  Below are photos of items I loved. New line in French Heritage--Mad Men Inspired!...more

Fabulous Finds Friday #5

Happy Friday!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I wanted to share with you some great products that might inspire you.  ...more