I have baked all the things

I love Hyperbole and a Half. Especially the one where she explains why she’ll never be a “real” adult. In short, it’s about the tendency to be super adult and productive (clean all the things), and then falling apart shortly thereafter because you got it together once already dammit....more

It's All About Nutrition. And Pecan Pie.

My mother and I both had early morning flights out of Birmingham on Sunday.  We sat at her gate, talking and looking at the latest pictures of my kiddos on my phone.  Two sets of travelers waited at her gate.  Mom’s group had booked tickets to Dallas/Fort Worth.  The following flight would go to Miami.  When we approached the remarkably crowded gate at 6:00 a.m., the seats we found were close to the counter.  While we talked, we noticed a woman approach the gate agents and ask if she could be put on the Miami flight.  One agent got on the radio and asked a...more

~Pecan Pie Fudge!

~Pecan Pie Fudge!   The simplicity of this fudge is almost ridiculous!  ...more

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Without pecan pie, it’s not Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I’m about the only family member who feels that way, so for the last couple years I’ve been the one making the pecan pie.This is a recipe from my Aunt, Ann Winegarden, and she has it credited to a woman named Elizabeth Hartman....more
Looks great, but my high cholesterol makes this a No-Go. So, instead, I'm making a lower fat / ...more