Walkable Cities: A Pedestrian Solution

Often, I read about Europeans talking about how they have great transportation systems, and can get anywhere they need without a car.  Without having to move to another country - or continent for that matter - I think it would be in the best interest of Americans to promote walk-able cities....more
Eulalia Benejam Cobb  It is possible to live in rural and urban areas without a car.  I have ...more

Look both ways

When I was six years old I got hit by a car, actually it was a utility service truck. It was traumatic for me but also for my parents. My dad stood me and my two older brothers in front of his office and told us to cross the street together. I think my dad saw it as an act of growing up. Well, my second oldest brother darted across the street without me and my older brother. But I followed him, was hit and broke my leg and sustained a head injury from the accident. I have recovered some 45 years later BUT I am now a defensive pedestrian....more

After pondering this blog this past week, I realized that if cars, peds, and bicycles would STOP ...more