Breastfeeding a Baby With Food Allergies

I saw this question on the CNN website. The pediatrician who answered did a great job going over all the different issues.  Here’s a link for the question and answer:...more

Month One: Check


Munchhausen Much?

I wonder what the receptionists thought as I walked out the pediatrician’s office today.  Perhaps, “We’ll see her again in a week!”Or, “She’s not going to have another child, is she?”Or, “Hmmm.  Munchhausen?” Or most likely, “Hey, pull her file from the family doctor and see if that woman gets to take any anxiety medication!”Well, whatever.  Think what they must, but I simply cannot resist taking Parker in for an ear infection check about once a month. And…he almost never has an ear infection. ...more

Maybe he likes going to the doctor's office and he knows that if he says "urt! urt!" that you'll ...more

Pediatrician's Office

Today Caden had his 9 month checkup. It was at 9:50 AM, so I knew it would be really hard to get to it. It's not easy to get my three little monsters ready to go out the door in the morning. We arrive at the office, and I'm in a hurry, so I decided to forgo the stroller this time. I grab Caden out of his car seat. He has one of those fleece car seat covers, so he is not wearing a coat....more

Pediatricians: Judgmental or Benevolent?

The wrong pediatrician can cause more harm than 10 scary news stories or 20 bitchy playground mommies.  This, my friends, is one decision you should make based on gut. If you're a new mother, please read my story and learn from my mistakes. This is the person who will answer the phone at 3 a.m. when your child spikes a 102-degree fever. Will she make you feel better or worse?   ...more

I used one pediatirician for years for five of my kids. That abruptly came to an end the day ...more

Finding a pediatrician -- thorough research, or pot luck?

About 2 months before my daughter Alex was born, I found myself worried that I would never find a pediatrician.  Since I didn't have an obstetrician (adoption sort of obviated the need for one), I didn't have any professional that I could go to for a solid recommendation.  What was I going to do? ...more

Information you might want to sit on.

I was never one to talk about poo before I had a kid, and I swore I wouldn’t do it after, but you really can’t help it, can you? Especially when you have friends over for a round of Wii and everyone puts down their joysticks to watch the real match: Junior vs. His Large Intestine. Despite our best efforts (vats of stewed prunes, moon howling, pear juice), Junior just can’t seem to produce anything larger than what might come out of a rodent. In a word: Raisinets®. ...more