Easter bunny pops

Peep Fest

Busy, busy weekend around here.  A regular peep fest you might say.These peeps were on super sale at Target:As you can see, we bought a ton.And these peeps were at Tractor Supply:...more

Zoe vs. the Easter Bunny

The Batman and the Joker. Rocky and Apollo Creed. Dora and Swiper. To this list of well-known adversaries, we can now add Zoe and the Easter Bunny. They met on a grassy field of battle. Strewn with the pastel remnants of plastic eggs. Only one could triumph.  If you defined triumph as throwing a fit then getting sleepy. In that case, Zoe triumphed all over the place. ...more

Cooking With Peeps – 5 Recipes

Cooking With Peeps – 5 Recipes ...more

Crispy Peeps® Nests

This Easter, try out these cute bird nests made out of puffed rice cereal, M&M’s® and Peeps®. Here is the original recipe from the Peeps® website: http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com/cookin-with-peeps/recipe-detail/peeps-crispy-treats-chicks-and-nests .  I made a few tweaks to their recipe.You will need:...more

My Craigslist War and the Peeps

   I have no issue with Craigslist, just one particular seller.  As in every situation there are two sides to the story.  In this case there is my side and the side of the evil, totally in the wrong seller....more

Please Pass Smore Peeps Smores

Wanna know a secret? I don’t like Peeps. I think it’s the sugar on the outside. I know: I’m the Sugar Queen. How can there be too much sugar? It perplexes me as well. But it’s not my sweets reputation that I’m worried about. I’m keeping it a secret because Kiefer put some Peeps in my Easter basket. Bless his little heart: he didn’t know I don’t like Peeps. Heck, I didn’t even know....more
 @Thoughts Appear Yes ... cutting sugar and wheat, as much as possible. Sadly.more

Happy Easter Everyone!

Tera BareGirlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschooling...more

Ask A Scientist: Sumo Peeps

Question: “Why do marshmallows expand in the microwave?” -Laura M  Moonachie, NJ...more

~Drunken Peeps Cupcakes

I love this idea! I bet they taste great with vanilla rum!more