Pelvic Floor Exercises for Pregnancy, Sex, and Peeing when you Sneeze

      Having a healthy pelvic floor, doing some pelvic floor exercises, and getting the pelvic floor ready for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as postpartum recovery is a remarkably overlooked aspect of women's health. Pelvic floor exercises, going beyond the old "just do kegels" stand-by, are essential to proper bladder function, increased sexual satisfaction, childbirth, and postpartum recovery....more

Core Support - Accessing Your Pelvic Floor

Don't be sagging into yoga poses - rev up your energy, your life, your confidence with a little help from "down there" where strength and flexibility is critical to the health your internal organs and to the best, most confident posture of your life!  Listen to this episode to learn how to find and tone your pelvic floor....more

The Junkless Trunk: And Not in a Good Way

I get my sweat on twice a week with a park workout that I love – brisk walking, plyometrics and strengthening. Just me, the dog, a resistance tube, birds chirping, flowers blooming, sun shining and (cue nails scratching a chalkboard) the local stroller fitness class. How could a group of women with nothing but the best intentions disrupt my perfect scene?Their exercise form sucks. There I said it....more

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes...and Pelvic Floor

My Father-in-law’s favorite joke is to lift his arm only to shoulder level and say “Hey doc! I can only lift my arm this high.” Then as he raises his arm to straight overhead, he says “But I used to be able to lift it this high.”...more

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Pelvic organ prolapse and associated pelvic floor disorders used to be associated with the aging woman. Unfortunately, these diagnoses are now becoming more common with young women who exercise regularly. Jogging is a common culprit, creating a repetitive impact on a weakened pelvic floor which contributes to descent of the poorly supported pelvic organs....more

Five Things You Should Know About Your Core Exercise Program

Each evening after I put my kids to bed, I spend time searching the web for research, articles and blogs pertinent to women’s health and fitness. As my kids drift peacefully off to dreamland, I get more and more agitated at the misinformation that is being promoted on the web, particularly as it relates to Core exercise. Time to dispel some myths, right some serious information wrongs, and bring balance back to the force. ...more

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Five Things To Do Before You Get Pregnant


How Strong is Your Core?

 These days, books, DVD’s, gyms and the web all promote Core strengthening programs.”Engage your Core” is a common instruction given with the demonstration of an exercise. But how do you know if your Core is actually engaging? Take our quiz and find out....more

Kegel 2.0 Part 2- Teamwork

 In Kegel 2.0 Part 1, we worked on increasing awareness of the portion of the pelvic floor that helps stop leaks by using a positional cue, shifting at the ankles as if you were going off a ski jump. This position gives women better awareness and access to this elusive set of muscles so they can begin to strengthen effectively. ...more