Gloria Feldt on Women, Careers and the Power We Possess To Benefit Both

Recently, Brazen Careerist founder, Penelope Trunk, wrote a blog post that unleashed a torrent of diverse and sharply divided opinions about women's career pursuits in comparison with men's in the tech start-up world. After just over two weeks, the post has nearly 500 comments -- and they run the gamut. It a fascinating, infuriating and enlightening thread. But is it empowering? For that, we turn to a New York Times column by Gloria Feldt, "Where Is the Female Steve Jobs?" ...more

Thanks for sharing this aspect, Celina - I agree with you. Visibility and the use of social ...more

Penelope Trunk Says Miscarriage Tweet All Part of Having Asperger's Syndrome

On September 21, 2009, Penelope Trunk, a divorced mother of two, aka The Brazen Careerist, was sitting in a board meeting when she realized she was having a miscarriage. Penelope decided to tweet the workplace event....more

There is one individual close to me with this affliction and the one characteristic I see the ...more

A Bit of a Rant on Salary Transparency

A few weeks ago via Twitter - that of the 140 character writing - Julie heard from Gwen who got from Penelope Trunk a post about salary transparency. And so I said to Julie, "Hell no!" and Julie said something about those twerps who get paid more than they should so I said, I'll be writing about this because point blank: NO ONE needs to know my salary. ...more

Because as a state employee, my annual earnings are published by a newspaper who sued via the ...more