Love Birds Cake Topper

 For Valentine's Day this year, I wanted to make my husband a special cake, and went with a pen...more

The First Husband: Dare to Dream of a Different Life

When we first meet Annie Adams in Laura Dave's The First Husband, she has what looks to be a fabulous life. She's a travel writer who spends 200 days of the year exploring the world. When she comes home to Los Angeles, it's to her up-and-coming director boyfriend Nick and their dog. She's got all she's ever dreamed of and can hardly believe it. Then she has to go and muck it all up by watching Roman Holiday. ...more
I liked the theme of escape in this book and wrestling through whether Griffin was another ...more

INTERVIEW: Sarah Jio Talks About Her New Novel, The Bungalow

If I had to pick a favorite book from 2011, it would be The Violets of March by Sarah Jio. So when I saw that she released her second novel, The Bungalow right after Christmas, it was the first book I downloaded on my Kindle Fire... and I blew right through it. It was a mixture of romance, mystery, war and history all tied together with phenomenal writing; I just couldn’t put it down. So imagine how tickled I was when Sarah agreed to an interview for our BlogHer readers!...more
I cannot wait to read it! I just finished Violets of March yesterday and was so sad that it was ...more

Prince Penguin

"Will and Kate pen" That's the second most popular thing trending on Yahoo as I write. Before I could even click on the link embedded, my mind was racing.... Will and Kate pen...itentiary sentence? Will and Kate wonder? Will and Kate pen...cil dates on calendar? Will and Kate pen...dulum hangs at Big Ben? Will and Kate pen...sion is cut? Will and Kate pen...ny minted in UK? Will and Kate pen...tagon guests? Will and Kate pen...sacola honeymoon? Will and Kate pen...tagram? ...more

I am a Running Penguin

  This weekend two of my friends and I went to run the half marathon in Tulsa, OK.  We had plans to run another one but because of not signing up we missed it.  However, this trip was great, one of the girls had gone to school there and knew all the cool places to shop.  Very funny because who would think to shop in Oklahoma?  It was great! ...more