The 10 Best Pens, According to Our Facebook Community

When researching my post about planners and organizers last month, the conversation with my co-workers turned away from paper and toward pens. Some of us had some very strong feelings about pens and others did not. ...more
bluenotebacker I have to go to Staples this weekend, I'll check it out, Thanks!more

Pens and Writing

Did you ever write in-between the ruled lines? Or write vertically? A friend once bought me a Fisher Space Pen that wrote underwater or with its point facing the ceiling. It was purported to be used in outer space—the writing implement of the astronauts. Probably also used by deep sea divers....more

Writing Tools

Since I spent much of today getting ready for the Chastain Park Arts Festival, I think I'll take the easy way out and use today's NaBloPoMo prompt:...more