Scams of Pensions and How to be Aware of them

Pension release, also popularly familiar as Pension Unlockment means withdrawing the money from the pension schemes before the retirement.  Only some are legal ways for the pension release, most of them are not. If your age is above 55, you have the access to money legally from the pension schemes. It doesn't apply if you are below 55 and can only ask if you are suffering from a poor health condition. But, before you release your pension, you have to know about:-...more

Unions Under Attack Across the US

Unions across the United States have been under attack this week as states like Ohio and Wisconsin are working to pass bills that would end collective bargaining -- among other things. The tension has been high in the state capitols of Columbus and Madison, with thousands of supporters and opponents verbally clashing and raising the volume to that of a chainsaw... or twelve. ...more
I heard this morning that the post offices are having problems. Then, they said their contract ...more

Retirement: Keeping Firefighters Connected

The economy has effected different departments in different ways.  Some departments have experienced layoffs.Ours is fortunate that this has not happened.  Yet, they did offer a pretty sweet early retirement deal and several people have decided to take advantage of that....more

Where DOES gold come from? You don't want to know.

Five years ago, I hadn't heard of Tegucigalpa and it's been at least that long since I've played a game of pool, but still I found myself there in October, teaching a group of Guatemalan Mayan men the ropes. Honestly, I wouldn't have been so confident as to teach them had I thought they'd ever played before, because I am a fraud. Knowing only the basic rules, I'm not qualified to be a teacher, but they were eager to learn and I couldn't refuse an opportunity to bond with them outside of the day's more serious agenda. ...more