Words to live by,some sweet things to say and winning people's heart !

 Words are a very powerful tool ,it is said that you are what you say .Words can win people’s  heart as well as they can create distance in the relationships.May it be maintaining good relation with the parents,friends ,siblings or may it be making some place in someone's heart there are always some sweet things to say that can do miracles.These sweet words work like a magic .Action speaks louder than words ?...more

how to transition | epic values

we are creatures of habit | all our lives, we do things in a certain way and no one can change our minds. it is what it is and that's it. but as we grow older we realize change is inevitable to adapt to society and life.especially when it comes to relationships | we must transition when entering a new relationship or even an old one to accommodate the other person's needs and wants. sometimes the process is so difficult that get bent out of shape for no reason and never realize the real reason we are so upset....more

people have more of an issue with victims of racism using the word racist to describe a person than racism itself

So recently I was speaking to  a girl in my year and the name of another girl in my year came up. As the discussion progressed to the subject of race I thought it necessary to point out that I felt the girl whose name came up was a racist and in response 3 different people turned around and told me how racist was such a strong word and how i shouldn't throw it around like that. As if I committed an offense by expressing my opinion. It's unbelievable to me that not one person asked me what she had said or done to make me have such a strong opinion of her....more

the post I shouldn't write

I work.Specifically, my work involves people. People at their most vulnerable moments. People trying to fight or fly. There are breaking points, learning curves. I am a nurse. My work is people.I always shy away from writing about work. There's this frightening thing out there called HIPAA. And though it is very good and very necessary, it makes me afraid to type out and talk about what I do for a living....more

Hypocrisy and its different shades

Sometimes our greatest irks define us more than our accolades. There is a growing trend to appear more intelligent than the lesser mortals, topics like 'How dumb is that?" is getting far too common for the good of society. I had originally posted this article on my blog http://antoniarapheal.wordpress.com/ and thought it a good idea to repost this here. ----...more


Joe Schmelzers photography hits the spot with me today....more

You are what you drink.

Coffee.  I’m an addict.  I cannot go on without it.  My needs are simple.  One very strong cup each morning....more

What I Strive to Remember

This is what I strive to remember.Join in the Fray: Can "good" people make "bad" choices?Copyright © 2012 Michelle Matthews Calloway, ASwirlGirl™, All rights reserved. ...more


  THAT COOKIE ... BECAME MOST IMPORTANT IN MY WORLD... JUST FOR A MOMENT!BY GLORIA FAYE BROWN BATES/aka GRANNY GEEThis morning I went to Walmart to pick up meds at the pharmacy.  I decided I would go into the Subway shop there, sit down and enjoy a sub sandwich. ...more